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The Highest Peaks Puzzle Play World Map Puzzle Online World Oceans Puzzle Geography Game Play North America Biomes Puzzle Online South America Puzzle
Highest Peaks
Sort the highest peaks on the world map.
The Continents
Sort the continent parts on the simple world map.
World Oceans
Place the oceans
on the world
N.America Biomes
Sort the habitats in North America environment map.
South America
Arrange South America countries
in correct places.
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Play Animals of North America Puzzle Online World Flora Map Explorer Online Play World Diamond Production Online United States Tiles Play Biome Puzzle Online
NA Animals
Sort the animals of North America on
the map.
World Flora Map
Interactive fauna map. Spread of
world wild plants.
Diamond Hunt
Interactive online
map of Diamond production.
US States Tiles
Reveal all 50 states of United States of America.
Biome Puzzle
Find the location of 10 terrestrial biomes on the world map.
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Geography Online Map Games Collection.

This category include all geography learning games, which include world map to play on it. World maps, continent maps and country maps. Free online games to learn geography. Fun educational geography games suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Minute to win it games to play on world maps. Fun Geography Map Games Collection.

All map games (83):

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Play Pangea Puzzle Online Flat Earth Puzzle Geography Game World Seas Puzzle Geography Game World Lakes Puzzle Geography Game World Rivers Puzzle Geography Game
Pangea Puzzle
Sort the the parts of the ancient Pangea continent.
Flat Earth Puzzle
Sort the parts of the archaic flat Earth model.
World Seas
Locations of 20 largest terrestrial seas.
World Lakes
Locations of 22 largest lakes in the world.
World Rivers
Locations of 28 longest rivers in the world.
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World Straits Puzzle Geography Game World Waterfalls Puzzle Geography Game Mountain Ranges Puzzle Geography Game Active Volcanoes Puzzle Geography Game World Deserts Puzzle Geography Game
World Straits
Locations of 21
major straits and canals in the world.
World Waterfalls
Locations of 12
highest watefalls
in the world.
Mountain Ranges
Locations of 25
biggest mountains
in the world.
Volcanoes Puzzle
Locations of 12
active volcanoes
in the world.
World Deserts
Locations of 20
largest deserts in
the world.
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Australian Deserts Puzzle Geography Game Metropolitan Regions Puzzle Geography Game Netherlands Puzzle Geography Game Philippines Puzzle Geography Game Colombia Puzzle Geography Game
AU Deserts
Interactive locations of the Australian deserts.
Locations of 22
largest cities in the world.
Sort the provinces
of the Netherlands
on the map.
Philippines Puzzle
Arrange the regions
of the Philippines
on the map.
Colombia Puzzle
Sort the regions
of Colombia
on the map.
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Mexico Puzzle Geography Game Play World Potato Production Online      
Mexico Puzzle
Arrange the provinces of
Mexico on the map.
Potatoes Hunt
Top 10 potatoes producers for
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World Diamond Production
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Geography Map Games

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