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Planeta 42 provides a place for kids, students and all curious people to explore interesting and useful data, from various fields of study, by playing desktop computer games and apps, which increase Knowledge Level by +1 each. All games and apps are free and no registration is requires. What you may find on this remote abstract planet: Exciting arcade games related to education, exploration and science. Term tests and picture tests for evaluation. All types of puzzles for classroom exercises. Short and very long quizzes for homework and wit practicing. Colorful mosaics for curious kids. Teacher's tools for specific lessons. Planeta 42 currently holds more than 800 games and aps for education and exploration, so try and play a short game or a fun puzzle today and learn something new!

The website covers a wide range of topics, including science, geography, mathematics, and languages. It provides a fun and engaging way for users to learn and explore different subjects through interactive games, puzzles, quizzes, and other educational resources. Users can access the content on for free, making it a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and students looking to supplement traditional learning methods with digital educational tools.

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