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Sports Puzzle Game Goalkeeper Game Muscle Workouts Puzzle Game Horse Racing Game Electronic Sport Trophies Puzzle Game Sport Types Tree Game Cones Game Hide and Seek

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Sport Games
Pencak Silat Fight Game Darts Game Bowling Game Mini Golf Game Baseball Game Billiards Game Fishing the Sea Game Olympic Sports Puzzle Game

Interactive Online Sport Brackets
Tournament Brackets
Play World Soccer Cup Almanac 2022 Online Euro 2020 Interactive Brackets World Championship 2018 Euro 2016

Sport Racing Online Games
Racing Games
F1 Car Racing Game Аutobahn Game Dirt Bike Game Motocross Freestyle Game Motorcycle Racing Game Ski-Doo Racing Game

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Fun educational games about sports.

Sport games to explore and study competition fields. More than 25 online games, related to different sport disciplines, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. The sports knowledge games are small online games and apps, up to 2 MB, which include simple representation of sport games, puzzles about sport knowledge, boards about brackets and tournament results, and arcade games with simple simulation of sport and outdoor games. The sport learning games are suitable tools for recreation, exploration, references and education. Fun sports educational games, suitable for online lessons, interactive classes and exciting homeworks.

All sports games (26):

  • World Soccer Cup 2022 - Interactive brackets for the world championship in Qatar 2022.
  • Muscle Workouts Puzzle - Sort the workout exercise in the correct muscle group.
  • Olympic Sports Puzzle - Sort the olympic sports on the correct picture.
  • Goalkeeper Game - Use q,a,p and l key to move the goalkeeper and do not let too many goals.
  • F1 Car Racing - Win the Formula 1 car racing. Use the arrow keys to control the F1 car.
  • Bowling Game - Play bowling online. Press space bar to roll the bowling ball and hit all bowls.
  • Darts Game - Press the dart button or hit spacebar. Throw darts to make 54 points.
  • Cones Game - Move up and down with arrows and shoot cones with space bar.
  • Horse Racing - Choose a horse and be faster than the other players using arrow keys.
  • Sport Types Tree - There are sports, you probably do not know.
  • World Cup 2018 - Interactive brackets for the soccer championship in Russia 2018.
  • Euro 2016 - Interactive brackets for the European soccer championship in France 2016.
  • Hide and Seek - Play fun hide and seek game online with Ogo and friends.
  • Electronic Sport Trophies - Drag and drop the tournament cups on the correct electronic sport.
  • Sports Puzzle - Sort the equipment on the correct sportist.
  • Baseball - Use left mouse button and try to hit the incoming ball with the bat.
  • Dirt Bike - Use arrow keys to control the motor and avoid turnover left or right.
  • Fishing the Sea - Use the mouse to catch a fish and carry it to the boat.
  • Аutobahn - Use arrow keys and avoid crashing into other cars on the autobahn.
  • Mini Golf - Use the mouse to point the direction of the ball and the power of the shot.
  • Motocross Freestyle - Use arrow keys and make as many acrobatic moves with the motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Racing - Use left and right arrow keys to keep the motorcycle on the truck.
  • Ski-Doo Racing - Use arrow keys to control the snowmobile. Avoid obstacles and ice areas.
  • Pencak Silat - Use arrows to move forward and spacebar to fight or combination of punches.
  • Billiards - Use the mouse to point the direction of the stick and the power of the shot.
  • Euro 2020 Brackets - Interactive brackets and results of football Europena Chanpionship 2020.
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Planeta 42 Interactive Sports.

When completed, the sports games and apps reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The sports games are separated in 6 categories according to the game type and the sport type as following:
  • Sport Puzzles - This collection includes interesting knowledge about sports, types of sports and sport rules, using pictures, collages and diagrams about the sports.
  • Shooting Sport Games - This collection includes all sport games which involve shooting at targets.
  • Sport Racing Games - This collection includes all competition sport games, team games and cars.
  • Interactive Brackets - This is a collection of schematics of famous worldwide sport tournament and interactive almanac.
  • Ball Sport Games - This collection includes all sport games with balls.
  • Yard Games - This is a collection of popular games from the childhood played outdoor and made for a computer.
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