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Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Game Black Hole Puzzle Solar System panel Planet Structures Puzzle Galaxy Types Puzzle  Online Star Types and Stellar Evolution Online Big Bang Puzzle  Online Astronomers Puzzle  Online

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Moon Games
Moon Games
Exoplanets Puzzle Solar Eclipses Puzzle Astro War Cards  Online Jupiter Moons panel Saturn Moons panel Uranus Moons  Online Neptune Moons  Online Meet Pluto panel Mars Moons  Online Moon Race Astronomy Game

Mosaic Puzzles
Astronomy Quizzes
Stars Comparison by Size Puzzle Nebulas by Name Puzzle Galaxy Comparison by Size Puzzle Telescope Parts Puzzle Telescopes Evolution Puzzle Galaxy Formation Puzzle TRAPPIST-1 System Puzzle Comet Structure Puzzle Composition of the Universe Puzzle Cosmic Microwave Background Puzzle Astronomy Topics Tree Online Constellations Quiz Game We on Mars panel Venus Missions Game Online Constellations Puzzle  Online Craters Formation  Online Future of Earth  Online What Astronomy Include Online International Space Station Puzzle Online Lonely Moon  Online

Maze Games
Astronomy Mazes
Mars Rovers Landing Game Cassini Maze Game Milky Way Maze Game UFO Shooter Game Satais: Back to Earth  Online Planet Gravity Escape  Online

Arcade Games
Astronomy Arcades
Asteroid Defense Game Mercury Craters panel Mars Lander Game Moon Lander Game Moon Lander Game Space Invaders Classic Arcade Game

Card Games
Astronomy Cards
Planets Match  Online Spacecraft Match  Online Constellations Match  Online Astronomers Match  Online

Space Craft
Astronomy Puzzles
James Webb Space Telescope Game Hubble Puzzle Game Spitzer Puzzle Game Curiosity Rover Puzzle Online Opportunity  Rover Puzzle Online Eagle Nebula Puzzle Game Carina Nebula Puzzle Game Orion Puzzle Game Venus Surface Puzzle Online Flocculent Galaxy Puzzle Online

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Fun educational games about astronomy.

Astronomy games to explore and study the space. More than 60 online games, related to different astronomical subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. The astronomy knowledge games are small online games and apps, up to 1 - 1.5 MB, which include puzzles, mosaics, tile games, maze games, arcade games, board games and picture tests for learning interesting facts about space, astronomy achievements and history of astronomy. A range of astronomy topics, like planets, stars, space crafts, missions, moons, notions and phenomenon, are made in a fun interactive applications. The astronomy learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references, recreation and homeworks. Free online astronomy classroom for kids and students.

All astronomy games (64):

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Planeta 42 Interactive Astronomy.

When completed, the astronomy games and apps reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The astronomy games are separated in 15 categories according to the game type and the knowledge type:
  • Astronomy Puzzles - This collection includes astronomy games to drag and drop pictures of various objects of interest to astronomy and arrange them by different requirements.
  • Astronomy Mosaic Puzzles - This collection includes games, where the player need to fit all objects into a mosaic pattern. They may be used either for study or for testing astronomy knowledge.
  • Astronomy Picture Puzzles - This collection includes games, where an astronomy picture is divided in number of rotating squares to be fit and complete the picture.
  • Moon Games - This collection includes all applications about the natural satellites of the planets in the Solar system. Fun moon games to explore the space.
  • Space Craft Games - This collection includes interesting information about the missions sent to the planets in the Solar system since 1960 to modern times. Games about probes, landers, orbiters and space missions.
  • Astronomy Arcade Games - This collection includes games, that usually involve playing with the keyboard, passing through astronomy objects and controlling space ships.
  • Astronomy Maze Games - This collection includes games, where the player is searching for a way in the labyrinths to find the location of the astronomy knowledge.
  • Astronomy Card Games - This collection includes basic card games to play and learn astronomy in fun interactive way.
  • Quest Games - This collection includes one turn based strategy game to colonize 6 planets and build structures to return to Earth.
  • Astronomy Board Games - This collection includes games, which are played on an interactive board in astronomy background.
  • Sim Games - This collection is not available yet.
  • Astronomy Tests - This collection includes questions and answers for evaluating pupils and students in astronomy classes.
  • Astronomy Quizzes - This collection includes picture of the astronomy subjects and not only plain text.
  • Astronomy for Kids - This collection includes all astronomy games, that are suitable for kids and teens for 4 - 8 grade.
  • Astronomy for Students - This collection includes all astronomy games, that are suitable for students and adults for 9 grade and above.
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