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Play Solstice and Equinox Puzzle Online Play Earth Structure Puzzle Online Continents Drift Order Online Soil Composition Puzzle Online Play Earth Atmosphere Puzzle Online
Solstice Puzzle
Sort the diagram of the Solstice and Equinox.
Earth Structure
6 Layers of interior Earth structure in a fun online game.
Sort the continents formation in the timeline.
Soil Puzzle
Complete the diagram of the soil texture triangle.
Earth Atmosphere
Sort the objects in
the correct atmospheric layer.
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Play Cardinal Direction Puzzle Online Play Biome Chart Puzzle Online Play Time Zones Puzzle Online Play Cloud Puzzle Online Flat Earth Puzzle Geography Game
Sort the cardinal and ordinal directions on the compass.
Biome Triangle
Sort the biome triangle chart of climate zones.
Time Zones
Sort the clocks
in the correct
time zone.
Cloud Puzzle
Arrange the cloud types i correct place by altitude.
Flat Earth Puzzle
Sort the parts of the archaic flat Earth model.
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Interactive geography diagrams collection.

This category is a collection of puzzles, which include assembling an interesting and useful geography diagram by arranging its separated parts. Free online games to study geography with interactive methods. Fun educational geography games suitable for online lessons and interactive learning. Geography knowledge boards. Fun Geography Interactive Diagrams Collection.

All interactive geography diagrams (15):

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Play Geography Tree Online Terrestrial Biomes Puzzle Geography Game Population by Country Puzzle World Rivers Puzzle Geography Game World Straits Puzzle Geography Game
Geography Tree
What geography include. 18 fun geo pictures game.
Terrestrial Biomes
Arrange the biomes on the temperature and humidity
World Population
Sort the top 10 most populated countries for 2019.
World Rivers
Locations of 28 longest rivers in the world.
World Straits
Locations of 21
major straits and canals in the world.
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Solstice and Equinox Puzzle
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Geography Interactive Diagrams

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