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Play Cardinal Direction Puzzle Online Play SPine Forest Puzzle Online Play Solstice and Equinox Puzzle Online Play World Coal Production Online Play British Isles Puzzle Online
Sort the cardinal and ordinal directions on the compass.
Pine Forest
40 squares puzzle with picture of Pine Forest.
Solstice Puzzle
Sort the diagram of the Solstice and Equinox.
Coal Hunt
Interactive online
map of Coal production.
British Isles
Drag and drop the countries in the British Isles.
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Play African Animals Online Puzzle Play Animals of Australia Puzzle Online United States Tiles Play Biome Chart Puzzle Online Play Antarctica Puzzle Online
Africa Animals
Put the animals where they fit in Africa map.
Australia Animals
Sort the animals of Australia in correct places on the map.
USA Explorer
Reveal all 50 states of United States of America.
Biome Triangle
Sort the biome triangle chart of climate zones.
Antarctica Puzzle
Sort the country claims in Antarctica far continent.
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Geography Online games for 6th grade collection.

This category include all available geography games, puzzles and tests, suitable for sixth grade school learning and education. 6 grade online geography games. Geography games for kids. Fun Geography Games for 6 Grade Collection.

All geography games for kids (23):

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South America Puzzle
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Geography Games for 6 Grade

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