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Parts of Speech Puzzle English Alphabet Puzzle Grammar Tree Puzzle 5 animals 8 languages Irregular Verbs Tetris Apostrophes Puzzle Bulgarian Alphabet Puzzle Spanish Words for Foods

English Learning Online Games
English Grammar Games
Parts of Speech Race English Tenses Puzzle Since or For Quiz Grammar Test

Language Learning Words
Word Quizzes
English Words for Animals English Words for Foods English Words for Sports

Spanish Learning Online Games
Spanish Learning Games
Spanish Alphabet Puzzle Spanish Words for Animals

German Learning Online Games
German Learning Games
German Alphabet Puzzle German Words for Animals

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Fun educational games about language.

Foreign language games to explore and study communication. More than 15 online games, related to different languages, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. The language knowledge games are small online games and apps, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles, mosaics, tile games, interactive exercises, skill games and tests for learning English, Spanish and German language words, alphabets, spelling and language rules. The language learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online foreign language classroom for kids and students. Fun language educational games, suitable for online lessons, interactive classes and eciting homeworks. English grammar games. Spanish learning games.

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Planeta 42 Interactive Language.

When completed, the language games and apps reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The language games are separated in 12 categories according to the game type, the language, and the knowledge type:
  • Language Puzzles - This collection includes small online learning games to drag and drop words, letters and pictures and complete different language exercises. Example game is the English Tenses Puzzle, where the pieces connect the tense with a correct example sentence.
  • Language Mosaics - This collection includes short educational games to arrange pictures on their correct pattern. Example game is the Grammar Tree, where pictures of grammatical rules need to be arranged like fruits on a tree.
  • Language Arcade Games - This collection includes fun online games that are mainly played with the keyboard to test or learn some grammatical rule or concept. Example game is the Irregular Verbs Tetris, where mowing with arrow keys, you need to send the English verb in the corect basket.
  • Language Skill Games - This collection includes language learning games with words and pictures separated in tiles to remove or collect and exercise language skills. Example game is the first part of 5 Animals for 8 Languages, or the word practice games.
  • English Learning Games - This collection includes all language learning games to teach and study English language.
  • Spanish Learning Games - This collection includes all language learning online games to teach and study Spanish language.
  • German Learning Games - This collection includes all fun language learning online games to teach and study German language.
  • Alphabet Games - This collection includes all available alphabet puzzles, where you need to arrange the letters of the alphabet in numerical order.
  • Word Games - This collection includes all language games to match an image with a word for popular languages. Example game is the English Animals, where for a given time you need to find the picture of the animal.
  • Language Tests - This collection includes online tests with integrated evaluation system to exam language skills and knowledge. Also all games for examination of language skills, competence and abilities.
  • Language Games for Kids - This collection includes all language educational games suitable for kids and pupils in 4-8 grade. Interactive Language Learning for Kids.
  • Language Games for Students - This collection includes all language educational games for 9 grade and above, suitable for students and adults. Interactive Language Learning for Students.
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