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Play Tectonic Plates Puzzle Online

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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Interactive Tectonic Plates.

"Tectonic Plates Puzzle" is a small knowledge level game to sort the tectonic plates on the world map. Fun geography exercise to study plate tectonics of the Earth's lithosphere. Geography educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game. Minute to win it game. Geology game. Cumulative with Tectonic Plates Quiz.

This fun geography class game include the following plates:
  • North American Plate
  • Eurasian Plate
  • Antarctic Plate
  • Pacific Plate
  • Australian Plate
  • South American Plate
  • Nazca Plate
  • Scotia Plate
  • African Plate
  • Filipino Plate
  • Arabian Plate
  • Juan de Fuca Plate
  • Cocos Plate
  • Indian Plate
  • Caribbean Plate
Program code and graphics by Ogo Bob

Tectonic Plates Puzzle

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How to play Tectonic Plates Puzzle.

There are 17 movable pieces of the Earth's lithosphere situated on the top and left of the screen. Drag and drop them in the correct place of the tectonic plate on the world map.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know 15 tectonic plates and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Easy.

Tectonic Plates Puzzle Free Online Game

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Class subject: Plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics is a scientific theory describing the large-scale motion of the plates making up the Earth's lithosphere since tectonic processes began on Earth between 3.3 and 3.5 billion years ago. The model builds on the concept of continental drift, an idea developed during the first decades of the 20th century. The geoscientific community accepted plate-tectonic theory after seafloor spreading was validated in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The lithosphere, which is the rigid outermost shell of a planet (the crust and upper mantle), is broken into tectonic plates. The Earth's lithosphere is composed of seven or eight major plates (depending on how they are defined) and many minor plates. Where the plates meet, their relative motion determines the type of boundary: convergent, divergent, or transform. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-building, and oceanic trench formation occur along these plate boundaries. The relative movement of the plates typically ranges from zero to 100 mm annually.

Tectonic plates are composed of the oceanic lithosphere and the thicker continental lithosphere, each topped by its own kind of crust. Along convergent boundaries, the process of subduction, or one plate moving under another, carries the edge of the lower one down into the mantle; the area of material lost is roughly balanced by the formation of new (oceanic) crust along divergent margins by seafloor spreading. In this way, the total geoid surface area of the lithosphere remains constant. This prediction of plate tectonics is also referred to as the conveyor belt principle. Earlier theories, since disproven, proposed gradual shrinking (contraction) or gradual expansion of the globe.

Source: Wikipedia
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