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North America Puzzle South America Puzzle Africa Puzzle Asia Puzzle Europe Puzzle
North America
Arrange North America countries
in correct places.
South America
Sort the South America countries
in correct places.
Africa Puzzle
Drag and drop the countries in Africa
in correct places.
Asia Puzzle
Arrange the
countries in Asia
in correct places.
Europe Puzzle
Drag and drop the countries in Europe
in correct places.
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Europe Puzzle 2019 Play Oceania Puzzle Online Play Antarctica Puzzle Online Play Pangea Puzzle Online Play Gondwana Puzzle Online
Euro Puzzle 2019
Interactive Map of Eropean countries
in 2019.
Oceania Puzzle
Interactive map of Australia and Oceania continent.
Antarctica Puzzle
Sort the country claims in Antarctica far continent.
Pangea Puzzle
Sort the the parts of the ancient Pangea continent.
Gondwana Puzzle
Drag and drop the parts to finish the supercontinent.
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Geography Online Continent Puzzles Collection.

This category include exciting online puzzles of the 7 major continents and their countries - names, flags and geographical positions, and puzzles about the main historical supercontinents. Learn the countries of the 7 continents in a fun interactive way. Free online continent puzzles to study and explore the countries and regions in specific continent. Fun educational geography games suitable for online lessons and interactive learning. Minute to win it games by continent. Fun Geography Continets Games Collection.

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Play World Map Puzzle Online Continents Drift Order Online Tectonic Plates Puzzle Educational Game Tectonic Plates Quiz Educational Game Play Laurasia Puzzle Learning Game
The Continents
Sort the continent parts on the simple world map.
Sort the continents formation in the timeline.
Tectonic Plates
Sort the tectonic plates on the world map.
Plate Tectonics
Select the correct tectonic
Laurasia Puzzle
Drag and drop the parts to finish the supercontinent.
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North America Puzzle
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Geography Continent Games

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