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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Top 10 countries by cotton production for 2016. Interactive map of cotton growing.

"World Cotton Production" is a free online knowledge level game to explore the regions, that produce the most quantity of cotton for 2016. Interactive world map of cotton production. Click on a region on the map to search for cotton, and collect 22 million tonnes per year. Fun educational geography game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Minute to win it game. Resource game.

This fun geography class game include the following countries by thousand tonnes per year:
  • China 6,532
  • India 6,423
  • United States 3,553
  • Pakistan 2,308
  • Brazil 1,524
  • Uzbekistan 849
  • Turkey 697
  • Australia 501
  • Turkmenistan 332
  • Mexico 297
World Cotton Production Picture

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How to play World Cotton Production.

Here is the map of the world and 20 shovels on the top of the screen. Click on the locations of the map to see how much tonnes of cotton that region produce per year. The ammount of the cotton production will be added in the bottom counter and one shovel will be lost. The task is to collect 22 million tonnes of cotton per year, before you run out of shovels.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know 3 countries that produce the most cotton in 2016 and get +1 Knowledge Level.

World Cotton Production Screenshot

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Class subject: World cotton production by country.

Current estimates (2018) for world production are about 25 million tonnes or 110 million bales annually, accounting for 2.5% of the world's arable land. China is the world's largest producer of cotton, but most of this is used domestically. The United States has been the largest exporter for many years. The earliest evidence of cotton use in the Indian subcontinent has been found at the site of Mehrgarh and Rakhigarhi where cotton threads have been found preserved in copper beads - these finds have been dated 5000 BC. Cotton bolls discovered in a cave near Tehuacan, Mexico, have at first been dated to as early as 5500 BC, but this date has been challenged. More securely dated is the domestication of Gossypium hirsutum in Mexico between around 3400 and 2300 BC.

This fun learning game may answer some of the following questions:
  • Which country produce most cotton per year?
  • How many million tonnes of cotton are produced per year?
  • What are cotton growing rates for 2016?
  • Where to find cotton?
  • What is the production of cotton per year of USA?

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