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Simple Car Parts Simple Locomotive Structure Simple Rocket Structure Bicycle Structure Puzzle Light Bulb Parts Puzzle
Car Parts Puzzle
Drag and drop the
automobile part in correct places.
Train Parts
Assemble the steam locomotive parts. Online Puzzle.
Rocket Parts
Learn the space rocket structure
parts and stages.
Bicycle Parts
Interactive schematics of the bicycle parts.
Light Bulb Parts
The incandescent light bulb structure in a fun game.
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Tank Puzzle Game Photovoltaic System structure Game Atom Puzzle Online    
Tank Puzzle
Assemble a combat tank sorting the tank parts.
Sort the parts of the photovoltaic installation.
Atom Puzzle
What is the atom consists of. 8 parts
of the atom game.
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Online Structure Games Collection.

The physics structure games are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include basic knowledge of mechanics and its appliance in real life. In most cases the player need to assemble the parts of different vehicles, mechanisms and devices and place them in their correct places on the diagram. Interactive schematics that need to be arranged correctly. The latest structure games also include evaluation system, where the parts must be arranged with as less moves as possible. Interactive knowledge boards for physics, suitable for online classes, school lessons and home education. Interactive Online Schematics. Additional applications for e-learning. Physics learning games. Online learning games. Structure Games - Interactive Physics Workshop. Additional fun applications for physics learning. Fun Structure Games Collection.

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Bicycle Structure Puzzle
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Structure Games

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