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8 parts of the atom in a fun chemistry online educational game.

"Atom Structure Puzzle" is a free online knowledge level game, about the structure of the atom and its subatomic particles. Drag and drop the parts in the atom outline. A small puzzle game for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. The Chemistry Knowledge Board include 8 pictures to play with.
The game is part of the Interactive Chemistry Laboratory educational tools.

This fun education class game may answer some of the following questions:
  • What is the structure of the atom?
  • What does an atom consist of?
  • Are there smaller particles than the atom?
  • What is the smaller subatomic particle discovered till 2017?
  • Where are electrons situated in the atom?
  • Where are protons situated in the atom?
  • What are atoms made of?
Atom Structure Puzzle Picture

How to play Atom Structure Puzzle

There are 8 parts and subatomic particles to the right of the screen. Drag and drop them in the atom outline to the right of the screen, until the whole atom is completed.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the parts of the atom.
Winning the game rewards +1 Knowledge Level on website.
Here is a gameplay movie on YouTube.

Atom Structure Puzzle Screenshot

Class subject: Atom Structure.

1. Electron - The electron is a subatomic particle, with a negative elementary electric charge.

2. Shell - Electron shell is considered an orbit followed by electrons around an atom's nucleus.

3. Nucleus - The small, dense region consisting of protons and neutrons at the center of an atom.

4. Neutron - A subatomic particle, with no net electric charge and a mass slightly larger than that of a proton.

5. Proton - A subatomic particle, with a positive electric charge and mass slightly less than that of a neutron.

6. Hadron - A composite particle made of quarks held together by the strong force in a similar way as molecules.

7. Quark - An elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.

8. Neutrino - An elementary particle, that interacts only via the weak subatomic force and gravity.

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