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General Physics Test Conductor or Insulator Quiz Bend or Break Quiz Burn or Quench Quiz Gravity Quiz
Physics Test
18 subjects from the physics online
Conductor or Not
Select which object
is a conductor and which an insulator.
Bend or Break
Select which objects bends and which breaks.
Burn or Quench
Select which liquid
is burning and which extinguish the fire.
Gravity Quiz
A bag of gold is dropped from an airplane...
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Milk Jugs Filling Puzzle 4 Water Tanks Puzzle 5 Water Tanks Puzzle 6 Water Tanks Puzzle 7 Water Tanks Puzzle
Milk Jugs Filling
Arrange the 8 milk jars in the correct filling order.
4 Tanks Quiz
Arrange the 4 containers in the correct filling order.
5 Tanks Quiz
Sort the 5 vessels in the correct filling order.
6 Tanks Quiz
Arrange the 6 tubes
in the correct
filling order.
7 Tanks Quiz
Sort the 7 containers in the correct filling order.
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Physics Online Tests Collection.

The physics online tests are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, including questions and answers for evaluating pupils and students in physics classes, as well as for personal examination. Fun physics quizzes about physical properties of objects with integrated evaluation system. Interactive knowledge boards, suitable for online classes, school lessons and home education. Also completing every class test the knowledge level is increased. Physics testing tools. Interactive Physics Workshop - Online Tests. Additional fun applications for evaluation in physics. Fun Physics Tests Collection.

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Magnetic or Nonmagnetic Quiz Sink or Float Quiz Push or Pull Quiz Stink or Scent Quiz Reflect or Absorb Quiz
Magnetic or Not
Select which objects are attracted by a magneto.
Sink or Float
Select which objects sink and which floats in water.
Push or Pull
Select which objects use push or
pull force.
Stink or Scent
Fun game to
explore good and bad smell.
Reflect or Absorb
Select which object reflects or absorbs most of the light.
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Soluble or Insoluble Quiz Kinetic or Potential Quiz      
Soluble or Not
Select which objects or liquids dissolve in water.
Kinetic or Potential
Select which objects have kinetic or potential energy.
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Solve General Physics Test
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Physics Tests

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