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Math Fields Tree Game Multiplication Table Puzzle Game Basic Geometry panel Arithmetics Practice Statistics Practice
Math Tree
What math include. 10 mathematical branches to know.
Table Puzzle

Drag and drop the answers.
Basic Geometry
Study the basic geometric figures. Picture test.
Practice simple arithmetics skills, like addition, subtraction.
3 interesting and useful statistics formulas.
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Simple Addition Quest Game Percentages Calculator Gems ╠ultiplication Ďable Isometric Hunt panel Random Walk game panel
Addition Quest
A fun math game
with easy arithmetic for 1-2 grade.
Useful percentage calculations. Where percentage is used
Gems Table
Gems Multiplication Table is a fun tile education game.
Isometric Hunt
Gather 42 isometric geometric figures. Math arcade game.
Random Walk
Outsmart the randomly moving green dot.
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Fun Interactive Mathematics.
Free online knowledge level games about math.

An Exciting Collection of Math Games.

Math games to practice numbers and figures. The mathematic knowledge games are small flash games, up to 1 MB, which include counting, coordination and observation skills. Fun tile arcade games and knowledge boards about algebra, geometry and other math appliance, like percentages, programming and statistics. They are fast and fun educational games for desktop computers, which will reward the player with a new knowledge level. The Fun Interactive Mathematics may be used for education, examination, references and recreation. All games can be played online in a web browser for free. They will run on medium class computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player. The collectible math games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved in the website. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed they rewards +1 Knowledge Level. Let's explore and study the numbers with free online games, test and puzzles in the web browser. Educational Multimedia Mathematics for kids and adults. Free to play and download without registration. Just play short level games - fun math games.

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