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Inca Treasure Quest Play Dinosaurs Skeletons Puzzle Play Archaeology Tree Thracian Treasure Play Dinosaur Skulls Puzzle
Inca Treasure
Visit historical sites of the Incas and find 10 treasure items.
Dinosaurs Puzzle
Place the dinosaur in the correct dinosaur skeleton.
Archaeology Tree
What are the studies of archaeology. Puzzle game.
Thracian Treasure
Excavate 10 items from the awesome treasure.
Skulls Puzzle
Arrange the skulls
of the dinosaurs correctly.
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Play Dig for Medieval Weapons Geologic Periods Puzzle Geologic Time Scale Puzzle Coins Match Game Jump and Dinosaurs
Dig for Weapons
Search the battlefield for 11 medieval Weapons.
Geologic Periods
Interactive geologic time scale. Fun puzzle game.
Time Scale
Place the animals in the correct geologic period.
Coins Match
Match all ancient coins cards in pairs one after another.
Jump'n Dinosaurs
Help the archaeo-logist to find 9 types of dinosaurs.
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Free online educational games about archaeology.

Archaeology games to explore and study the ancient past. More than 20 online games, related to different archaeological subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education. The archaeology knowledge games are small flash games, up to 1.2 MB, which include puzzles, cards, arcades and quest games for discovering interesting knowledge studied by the archaeology science, like treasures and fossils, made in a fun interactive way. The archaeology learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. They may be played in schools, at home, in classes. Minute to win it archaeology games. Discover archaeology with online gaming classes.

All archaeology games (23):

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P42 Archaeology Ruin.
Interactive Archaeological Studies.

P42 Archaeology Ruin

The "Archaeological Ruin" is a free online education web site with small archaeology games, played online in the web browser. All games are free and run on medium class computers, tablets and laptops, with installed flash player. They reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. Fun educational archaeology learning games, suitable for e-learning, online lessons and interactive classes. The collectible archaeology games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved on the website. Educational Multimedia Archaeology for all ages. Free to play and download without registration. Fun archeology games.

The archaeology educational games are separated in 16 categories according to the game type and the knowledge subject type:
  • Archaeology Puzzles - This collection includes small online games to drag and drop pictures of various objects of interest to archaeology and arrange them by different requirements. Example is the Dinosaurs Puzzle, where all dinosaurs must be placed at their correct skeleton.
  • Archaeology Cards - This collection includes short games with playing cards about different archaeology branches. For now there is only one memory card game with many different subjects.
  • Archaeology Arcades - This collection includes games, that are mainly played with the keyboard. Example is the game Jumps and Dinosaurs, where jumping over 5 dinosaurs the player gets its name.
  • Archaeology Quests - This collection include fun adventure games to collect objects and use them on correct places to find treasures and glory.
  • Paleontology Games - This collection includes all learning games related to the scientific study of life that existed prior to the start of the Holocene Epoch.
  • Geology Games - This collection gather all educational games related to the solid Earth, the rocks and the geologic time scale. Future games will include all geologic periods in separated applications.
  • Excavation Games - This collection includes all fun archaeology games to dig out different objects, items and artifacts with some archaeological value.
  • Dinosaur Games - This collection gather all learning games with dinosaurs in one place.
  • Treasure Games - This collection includes all online learning games to discover and find treasures of different civilizations of ancient and medieval times.
  • Fossil Games - This collection gather all interactive classes to discover and explore fossils, their names and locations.
  • Mineral Games - This collection includes all fun games about gems and gemstones.
  • Antique Games - This collection gather all fun educational games about collectible or desirable items, because of its age, beauty, rarity, or other unique features.
  • Coin Games - This collection includes all fun archaeology games with ancient, medieval and modern coins.
  • Ancient Games - This collection gather all fun educational games related to the ancient history of humans.
  • Skeleton Games - This collection includes all fun games with dinosaur skeletons and skulls.
  • Archaeology Tests - This collection includes fun tests with integrated valuation system for archaeology beginners. Make the kids solve them and write the school mark after the test in fun ancient history classes.
The Archaeological Ruins includes: minute to win it archaeology games, archaeology games for pc, archaeology simulation online games, interactive archaeological excavation dig, simulated archaeological digs for students, archaeology video games, archaeology activities for classrooms, archaeology kids games, geology games for adults, geology games for middle school, geology for preschoolers, free geology games, geology for beginners, archaeology games in classroom and more than 20 online games related to different archaeological subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education and examination. Here is the blog with the Mysterious Collection of Archaeology Games.

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Dig for Medieval Weapons
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Archeology Games

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