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My Best Friend Board Opposite Emotions Maslow Pyramid Vanity Mirror Four Behaviors
My Best Friend
Find your best friend personality with a fun online game.
Opposite Emotions
Free online mosaic game, used to study the human emotions.
Maslow Pyramid
What is needed to achieve the ultimate happiness...
Vanity Mirror
How I found Herluf Bidstrup's Vanity cartoon.
Four Behaviors
How different people react in tense situations.
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Anti-Stress Personality Attitudes Zodiac Traits Chinese Zodiac Puzzle Four Temperaments Quest
Destroy the stress monster. Fun
arcade game.
Personal Attitudes
How I deal with 5 different personality attitudes.
Zodiac Traits
Arrange the zodiac pictures on the calendar.
Chinese Zodiac
A simple puzzle with 12 animals from China calendar.
4 Temperaments
How I learned the 4 temperament types. Quest Games.
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Interactive Mind Studies.
Free online knowledge level games for psychology.

A Remarkable Collection of Psychology Games.

Psychological games to study and explore the mind. The psychology knowledge games are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles, boards, wheels, arcade games, reflex games, and even quest games, about human emotions and the state of mind. Some references to astral connections are also included. Fun tree puzzles with psychology science notions and psychology tests will appear in time. They all are fast and fun educational games for desktop computers, which will reward the player with a new knowledge level. The Interactive Mind Studies may be used for education, examination, references and recreation. All games can be played online in a web browser for free. They will run on medium class computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player. The collectible psychology games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved on the website. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed the psych games rewards +1 Knowledge Level. Let's learn something more about political and resource map of the world, by interaction. Free online games, test, puzzles and quizzes to study common psychology knowledge in the web browser. Educational Multimedia Psychology for kids and adults. Free to play and download without registration. Just play short level games - fun psychology games.

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