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Psychology Topics Tree Opposite Emotions Maslow Pyramid My Best Friend Board Four Behaviors
Psychology Tree
18 popular subjects studied by psychology.
Opposite Emotions
Free online mosaic game, used to study the human emotions.
Maslow Pyramid
What is needed to achieve the ultimate happiness...
My Best Friend
Find your best friend personality with a fun board game.
Four Behaviors
How different people react in tense situations.
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Four Temperaments Quest Personality Attitudes My Wife and My Mother-in-Law optical illusion puzzle Anti-Stress Spatial Imaging
4 Temperaments
The secrets of the temperament types. Quest game.
Personal Attitudes
5 different personality attitudes in a fun cards game.
Sort the puzzle and find two women in
the picture.
Destroy the stress monster. Fun
arcade game.
Spatial Imaging
Test your dynamics
of imagination with this online card test.
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Interactive Mind Studies -
additional fun applications for psychology classes.

The "Interactive Mind Studies" is a free online education web site with flash games, tests and puzzles, designed to include one or more psychological notions, topics, or personality tests in a fun engaging way. They are suitable tools for online classes, interactive learning, school lessons, examination, references and home education and recreation. The psychology class games are small flash applications, up to 1 - 2 MB in size, which may be played online in the web browser, or be downloaded for using without internet. All psychology games are free to play without registration. They will run on average computers, laptops and tablets, with installed flash player. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed, the psychology class games rewards +1 Knowledge Level achievement. The collectible psychology games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved on the Interactive Mind Studies website. Prepare for early and secondary degree in psychology with fun educational software. Explore and study psychological appliance.

The games are separated in 12 categories according to the game type and the knowledge degree. The Psychology Puzzles include systematized knowledge from the psychology science in a drag and drop games. The Mosaic Games represent those wall boards, hanging in the school classroom, but the elements are removed from the diagram, and the player need to fit them in correct places. They may be used either for study or for testing studied knowledge. The Optical Illusions are pictures of hidden objects and impossible figures devided in 40 rotating squares to be fit and complete the full picture. The Bidstrup Tile Games include numerical scene cartoons, where the player must place the tile in the correct number. Herluf Bidstrup cartoons are often refered in psychology texbooks. The Arcade Games usually involve playing with the keyboard, passing trough objects and controling neuron ships, while searching for psychology knowledge. The Card Games include fun games with psychology cards. With the Quest Games the player search and colelct items and revealing interesting psychology topics, in artistic landscapes. The Board Games involve board and dices to play in psychology background. With the Visual Tests the player run simulations of famous psychological tasks, which will challenge the thinking. The Psychology Tests include questions and answers for evaluating pupils and students in psychology classes, as well as for personal exploration. The rest two categories systematize the games by the course studied at schools. They are Psychology for 6th - 8th Grade and Psychology for 9th grade and above, including psychology for adults.

The Interactive Mind Studies include: fun learning games in psychology, fun educational psychology games, online learning games, online educational games, fun school games, online school games, free educational psychology games, free learning games, free school games, psychology lesson games, online educational games, free online games, fun psychology educational games, fun online games, fun class games, psychology games, fun psychology games, online psychology games, psychology class games, educational psychology games, interactive online psychology classes, interactive knowledge boards, interactive classes, psychology knowledge games, psychology tests, online tests, online psychology tests and more. Here is the blog with the Remarkable Collection of Psychology Games.

All available psychology class games: Maslow Pyramid | Opposite Emotions | My Best Friend | Anti-Stress Game | Personal Attitudes | 4 Temperaments | Vanity Mirror | Four Behaviors | Zodiac Traits | Chinese Zodiac | Counter Emotions | Freedom in Society | Dynamic Thinking | Spatial Imaging | Mother and Daughter Puzzle | Mind Wheels Puzzle | Hidden Faces Puzzle | 3D Street Art Puzzle | Psychology Subjects Test | Psychology Topics Tree |

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