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Computer Parts Puzzle HDD Parts Puzzle Units of Information Puzzle Computer Topics Tree File Structure and Types
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. Computer structure game.
HDD Parts
Assemble the hard disk drive parts. Interactive structure.
IT Measures
A colorful puzzle of basic units of data
or information.
Computer Tree
What computers do? 18 fun topics about computers.
File Structure
Shoot the moving files with the right extension.
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LAN Structure Puzzle Hotkeys Tree Create a Website The IT Crowd Game Computer Games Match
LAN Puzzle
Parts of a Local Area Network in a fun online game.
Hotkeys Tree
18 useful hotkeys, everyone should know.
Create a Website
6 Interactive basis steps to create own website.
IT Crowd Game
Select one of 3 characters and fix
the computers.
PC Game cards
Open two same cards with games one after another.
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Online learning games about computer science and technology.

IT games to practice and study computers. Information Technology and Informatics classroom tools. The computer science knowledge games are small flash games, up to 1.5 MB, which include puzzles, mosaics, arcade games, card games and online tests with integrated valuation system. These educational applications include most of the basic knowledge, needed to be able to work efficiently with the computer and studied in information technology and computer science classes. A range of IT subjects, like computer parts, numeral systems, units of information, software programs, hardware components and networks are designed in a fun interactive way for exciting learning. The IT learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. They may be played at home, in schools, in class. Interactive online classes.

All IT Games (64):

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P42 Network. Interactive Computer Learning Tools.

P42 Computer Science Satellites

The "Interactive Computer Tools" is a free online education website with small games, tests and puzzles played online in the web browser. All games are free and run on medium class computers, tablets and laptops, with installed flash player. When completed they reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. Educational Multimedia IT for all ages. Free to play and download without registration. There are now 36 IT games - one for every school week. Prepare for early and secondary degree in computer science, information technology and informatics with fun educational games, suitable for e-learning and online classes. Free online games to practice and learn computers.

The information technology games are separated in 15 categories according to the game type and the knowledge degree:
  • IT Puzzles are square rotating puzzles with a picture of important computer parts or whole computer systems.
  • IT Picture Tests are free online tests where the answers are only pictures. They include valuation system and give a nice grade to put in the pupil's diary.
  • Computer Science Games are free online games to study theoretical knowledge about computers, computer vocabulary and activities for computers.
  • Computer Technology Games include games to study the hardware, interactive structures and assembly puzzles.
  • Software Games include all games about computer programs, games, and program utilization.
  • Hardware Games include all games about computer parts, peripheral devices, networks and more.
  • IT Classroom Games are interactive practical occupations for computer technology calsses.
  • IT Card Games are fun card games to play with combinatorial computer science knowledge.
  • IT Arcade Games are played from the keyboard and include fun computer science subjects.
  • IT Mosaics usually involve playing with the mouse and sorting IT knowledge in colorful patterns.
  • IT Grade Tests include more complicated tests for higher grade in IT. They are usually based on one or more preceding games.
  • Informatics category sort all games including subjects studied in 9 grade Informatics at school.
  • IT for 6th Grade, where IT usually begins to be studied in most of civilized countries.
  • IT for 7th Grade and advanced level of computer science knowledge.
  • IT for 8th Grade and computer technology knowledge.
  • IT for 9th Grade and iformatics.
  • IT for 10th grade and above, including IT for adults.
The Interactive Computer Tools website includes: minute to win it games, computer science games, fun learning IT games, fun educational IT games, online IT learning games, online educational IT games, fun school information technology games, online school games, free educational IT games, free learning games for information technology, free IT school games, IT lesson games, online educational games, free online games, fun IT educational games, fun online games, fun class games, IT games, fun information technology games, online IT games, informatics class games, educational IT games, interactive knowledge boards, IT knowledge boards, interactive classes, IT knowledge games, IT tests, online tests, online IT tests, IT picture tests, fun IT games, short level games for IT and more. Here is the blog with the Exciting Information Technology Games Collection.

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