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Metric Units Puzzle Force Types Puzzle Simple Car Parts Orders of Electrical Current Units Game Time Comparison Puzzle
Metric Units
Sort the metric units on the correct quantities..
Force Types
9 types of forces in a fun online physics game.
Car Parts Puzzle
Drag and drop the
automobile part in correct places.
Current Units
Arrange the units of electrical current by their equivalent.
Time Compare
Sort the objects by order of time magnitude.
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Engine Types Puzzle Power Comparison Game Tank Puzzle Game Electrical Resistance Comparison Puzzle Gravity Quiz
Engine Types
Sort the engine
types on the
correct vehicles.
Power Compare
Sort the objects by their correct power value in Watts.
Tank Puzzle
Assemble a combat tank sorting the tank parts.
Resistance Com.
Arrange the objects in order of electrical resistance.
Gravity Quiz
A bag of gold is dropped from an airplane...
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Physics Educational Games for Students.

This category include all physics games, test, puzzles and mosaics suitable for teens and students from 9th grade and above. They are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, available online and for download. Useful in class, at school, at home. Fun physics learning games. Interactive online lessons. Interactive Physics Workshop for 9-12 grade. Additional fun applications secondary school physics. Fun Physics Games Collection for Students.

All physics games for students (46):

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Power Units Game Magnetic or Nonmagnetic Quiz Burn or Quench Quiz Wind Scale Puzzle Fun Physics Game Milk Jugs Filling Puzzle
Power Units
Sort the units of power (Watts) by their equivalents.
Magnetic or Not
Select which objects are attracted by a magneto.
Burn or Quench
Select which liquid
is burning and which extinguish the fire.
Wind Scale Puzzle
Sort the wind
powers on the
correct speed.
Milk Jugs Filling
Arrange the 8 milk jars in the correct filling order.
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Lamp Shapes Puzzle Reflect or Absorb Quiz Kinetic or Potential Quiz Cartridge Parts Puzzle Small Caliber Guns Puzzle
Lamp Shapes
Place the lamps on the correct designation letter.
Reflect or Absorb
Select which object reflects or absorbs most of the light.
Kinetic or Potential
Select which objects have kinetic or potential energy.
Cartridge Puzzle
Assemble the parts of the firearm cartridge.
Small Caliber Guns
Load the ammunition in the correct small gun.
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Big Caliber Guns Puzzle Caliber Size Comparison Puzzle Weapon Force Puzzle Elementary Particles Puzzle Physics Tree
Big Caliber Guns
Load the
ammunition in the correct big gun.
Caliber Sizes
Arrange the cartridges on the correct calibers.
Weapon Forces
Fun puzzle about
the working principle of weapons.
Particles Puzzle
Place the subatomic particles in correct places.
Physics Tree
What physics include? fun online educational game.
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Orders of Temperature Units Game Orders of Mechanical Force Units Game Orders of Electrical Capacitance Units Game Orders of Pressure Units Game Orders of Temporal Frequency Units Game
Temperature Units
Sort the units of temperature by their equivalent kelvins.
Force Units
Arrange the units of force by their equivalent newton .
Capacitance Units
Sort the units of el. capacitance by equivalent farad.
Pressure Units
Arrange the units of pressure by their equivalent pascal.
Frequency Units
Sort the units of frequency by their equivalent hertz .
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Orders of Electrical Potential Units Game Virtual Newton's Cradle Temporal Frequency Comparison Puzzle Electrical Potential Comparison Puzzle Orders of Electrical Resistance Units Game
Potential Units
Arrange the units of electrical potential by their equivalent.
Newton's Cradle
Drag and drop the steel balls to swing them.
Frequency Com.
Sort the objects in order of temporal frequency magnitud.
Potential Com.
Sort the objects in order of electric potential magnitud.
Resistance Units
Sort the units of electrical resistance by their equivalent.
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Cars by Country Puzzle Electrical Capacitance Comparison Puzzle Pressure Comparison Puzzle Simple Rocket Structure 5 Spatial Dimensions
Cars by Country
Sort the automobile trademarks by country of origin.
Capacitance Com.
Arrange the objects in order of electrical capacitance.
Pressure Com.
Arrange the objects in order of pressure magnitude.
Rocket Puzzle
Learn the space rocket structure
parts and stages.
The 5 Dimensions
Place the objects in the correct spatial dimension.
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Jet Engine Parts Puzzle Physics Game        
Jet Engine Puzzle
Assemble the
parts of a jet
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Play Force Types Puzzle
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Physics Games for Students

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