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Energy Types Puzzle Communicating Vessels Game Liquid Volume Comparison Puzzle Time Units Pyramid 5 Water Tanks Puzzle
Energy Types
20 sources of potential and kinetic forms of energy.
Uniform Fluids
Communicating vessels shooting game.
Volume Compare
Sort the objects in order of volume magnitude.
Units of Time
Time measurement and equivalents in a fun online game.
5 Tanks Quiz
Sort the 5 vessels in the correct filling order.
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Well Puzzle Physics Game Interactive Water Cycle Sink or Float Quiz Weight Comparison Game Bicycle Structure Puzzle
Well Puzzle
Sort the parts of the well and ground layers.
Water Cycle
Find the correct elements of the natural water cycle.
Sink or Float
Select which objects sink and which floats in water.
Weight Compare
Sort the objects by order of weight magnitude.
Bicycle Parts
Interactive schematics of the bicycle parts.
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Physics Educational Games for Kids.

This category include all physics games, test, puzzles and mosaics suitable for kids and pupils from 6th to 8th grade. They are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, available online and for download. Useful in class, at school, at home. Fun physics learning. Interactive online lessons. Interactive Physics Workshop for 6-8 grade. Additional fun applications primary school physics. Fun Physics Games Collection for Kids .

All physics games for kids (35):

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General Physics Test Gravity Quiz 6 Water Tanks Puzzle 7 Water Tanks Puzzle Light Bulb Parts Puzzle
Physics Test
18 subjects from the physics online
4 Tanks Quiz
Arrange the containers in the correct filling order.
6 Tanks Quiz
Arrange the 6 tubes
in the correct
filling order.
7 Tanks Quiz
Sort the 7 containers in the correct filling order.
Light Bulb
The incandescent light bulb structure in a fun game.
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Bend or Break Quiz Push or Pull Quiz Interactive Atom Particles Charge Stink or Scent Quiz Soluble or Insoluble Quiz
Bend or Break
Select which objects bends and which breaks.
Push or Pull
Select which objects use push or
pull force.
Atom Charge
Place the atom particles in the correct el. charge.
Stink or Scent
Fun game to
explore good and bad smell.
Soluble or Not
Select which objects or liquids dissolve in water.
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Simple Locomotive Structure Kid's Clock Puzzle Advanced Clock Puzzle Length Units Game Weight Units Game
Train Parts
Assemble the steam locomotive parts. Online Puzzle.
Kid's Clock
Place the clocks
at the correct
base time.
Clock Puzzle
Place the clocks
at the correct
random time.
Length Units
Arrange the units of length by their equivalent metres.
Weight Units
Sort the units of
mass by their equivalents.
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Orders of Volume Units Game Orders of Sound Units Game Temperature Comparison Puzzle Force Comparison Puzzle Electrical Current Comparison Puzzle
Volume Units
Arrange the units of volume by their equivalent liter.
Sound Units
Arrange the units of sound by their equivalent decibel.
Temperature K
Sort the objects
by correct temperature.
Force Comparison
Sort the objects in order of force magnitude.
Current Com.
Sort the objects in order of electric current magnitud.
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Speed Comparison Sound Force Comparison Puzzle Measure Units Puzzle    
Speed Compare
11 animals and machines speed comparison.
Sound Compare
Sort the objects in order of sound magnitude.
Measure Units
Sort the metric units on the correct quantities.
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Play Speed Comparison Game
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Physics Games for Kids

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