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Speed Comparison Car Comparison Energy Types Puzzle Bicycle Structure Puzzle Simple Car Parts
11 animals and machines speed comparison.
Car Comparison
Arrange the automobiles by their best quality.
Energy Types
20 sources of potential and kinetic forms of energy.
Bicycle Puzzle
Interactive schematics of the bicycle parts.
Car Puzzle
Drag and drop the
automobile part in correct places.
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Engine Types Puzzle Cars by Country Puzzle Length Comparison Game Power Comparison Game Force Types Puzzle
Engine Types
Sort the engine
types on the
correct vehicles.
Cars by Country
Sort the automobile trademarks by country of origin.
Length Compare
Sort the objects by order of length magnitude.
Power Compare
Sort the objects by their correct power value in Watts.
Force Types
9 types of forces in a fun online physics game.
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Physics Online Puzzles Collection.

The Physics puzzles are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include pictures, collages and diagrams about interesting studies and appliance of physics science. The elements of the diagrams are made like movable objects, which must be fit in their place, by following a knowledge pattern and not a piece form. Colorful physics drag and drop puzzles. Interactive knowledge boards suitable for online classes, school lessons and home education. With these free online games, the player may learn and study something interesting about the physical classifications, interesting subjects and topics. Completing every class puzzle increase the knowledge level. Physics learning puzzles. Online learning games. Interactive Physics Workshop - Puzzles. Additional fun applications for learning physics. Fun Physics Puzzles Collection.

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Physics Puzzles

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