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Simple Car Parts Simple Rocket Structure Simple Locomotive Structure
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Bicycle Puzzle.
Drag and drop bicycle parts game.
Car Puzzle
Drag and drop the
automobile part in correct places.
Rocket Puzzle
How I learned the space rocket structure parts.
Train Puzzle
Assemble the steam locomotive parts. Online Puzzle.
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Interactive Physics Workshop.
Free online knowledge level games about physics.

An Exciting Collection of Physics Games.

Play physics games for different machines structure. The physics knowledge games are small flash apps, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles with parts for different vehicles. They are fast and fun educational games for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which will reward the player with a new knowledge level. For now there are only vehicle puzzles and later some physics tests and mosaics will appear. The Interactive Physics Workshop may be used for education, examination, references and recreation. All games can be played online in a web browser for free. They will run on medium class computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player. The collectible physics applications, download versions, goes with build in player. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed they reward +1 Knowledge Level. Let's learn where physics is applied, by interaction. Free online games, test, puzzles and quizzes for popular physical phenomenon in the web browser. Educational Multimedia Physics for kids and adults. Free to play and download without registration. Just play short level games - fun physics games.

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