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Pea Stew.
Another recipe
to cook a pea stew.
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What to eat today. Fun game with cooking topics.
Bean Soup
Prepare a bean soup by selecting the ingredients.
Cook a tarator cold soup by selecting
the ingredients.
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Interactive Culinary Recipes.
Free online knowledge level games about cooking.

A Delicious Collection of Cooking Games.

Cooking is not exactly science in the physical sense, but it is in the semantic point of view, as it require a lot of knowledge, trails and errors to achieve an awesome meal. It is also considered as art(arts tree). In the Cooking category, there are some fun ways to cook online. The interactive culinary recipes (soon more than one) are 7 steps walk-through to prepare popular, and not so popular dishes, meals and soups. There are some ingredients and equipments, and they must be chosen by order, or the result may be something not very edible. This cooking knowledge games are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which (will) include variety of cooking recipes. They are fast and fun test, that rewards a new Knowledge Level when completed. The interactive culinary recipes may be used for references and recreation. All games can be played online in the web browser for free. They also may be collected. The games will run on common computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed they give +1 Knowledge Level. A tasty adventure with education games and puzzles. Culinary multimedia in the web browser. Free to play and download without registration. Just play short level games - fun cooking games.

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