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Play Sport Types Tree World Championship 2018 Euro 2016 Hide and Seek
Sports Tree
Drag and drop the types of sports on
tree of knowledge.
World Cup 2018
Interactive brackets for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.
Euro 2016
Interactive results
for European Championship 2016.
Hide and Seek
Catch all hiders in 3 game rounds. Move with arrows keys.
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English Words for Sports        
English Sports
Learning game with 49 english words of sports.
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Free online learning games about sport.

Online games to explore and study the sport activity. The sport knowledge games are small flash games, up to 2 MB, which include puzzles, boards, and arcade games, with simple simulation of outdoor games. The sport learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. They may be played in schools, at home, in classes.

All sport games (4):

  • Sport Types Tree - There are sports, you probably do not know.
  • World Cup 2018 - Interactive brackets for the soccer championship in Russia 2018.
  • Euro 2016 - Interactive brackets for the European soccer championship in France 2016.
  • Eli Seek - Play fun hide and seek game online.
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P42 Sport Fields. Interactive sport rules and results.

An Exciting Collection of Outdoor Games

The "Interactive sport rules and results" is a free online education web site with short fun games and puzzles played online in the web browser. All games are free and run on medium class computers, laptops and tablets, with installed flash player. They reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. Fun educational sport games, suitable for result references, e-learning, online lessons and interactive classes. The collectible sport games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved on the website. Free to play and download without registration. Fun minute to win sport games.

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Sport Types Tree
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FIFA Sports
UEFA Sports
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