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Astronomy Topics Tree Online Solar System panel Jupiter Moons panel Saturn Moons panel Meet Pluto panel
Astronomy Tree
What astronomy include. 18 fun astronomy topics.
Solar Puzzle
Drag and drop the
planets in the Solar System in places.
Jupiter Moons
Arrange the natural moons of Jupiter in correct order.
Saturn Moons
Build the ring of Saturn, placing its natural satellites.
Meet Pluto
Arrange Pluto and
its moons while
they move in orbits.
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We on Mars panel Mercury Craters panel Uranus Moons  Online Neptune Moons  Online Galaxy Types Puzzle  Online
We on Mars
Launch 8 successful missions to Mars, with 10 rockets.
Mercury Craters
Cross the surface of Mercury and find 10 craters.
Uranus Moons
Complete the ring
of Uranus. Drag and drop moons.
Neptune Moons
Sort out the moons
going around Neptune by order
Galaxy Types
9 types of galaxies
in a small online puzzle game
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Interactive Astronomical Observatory -
additional fun applications for astronomy classes.

The "Interactive Astronomical Observatory" is a free online education web site, including flash games, tests and puzzles, designed to include one or more astronomy notions, topics, or phenomenon in a fun engaging way. They are suitable tools for education and recriation. May be played in schools, at home, in classes. Astronomy games to study and explore the space. The astronomy knowledge games are small flash applications, up to 1 - 2 MB in size. They may be played online in the web browser, or be downloaded for using without internet. They are short and fun educational games for desktop computers, which will reward the player with a new knowledge level for every won game. Prepare for early and secondary degree in astronomy with fun educational games, suitable for e-learning and online classes.

The games are separated in categories according to the game type and the knowledge type. The Astronomy Puzzles are two types. 1. Mosaic Puzzles, where the player need to fit all objects into a mosaic pattern. They may be used either for study or for testing studied knowledge. 2. Picture Puzzles, where an astronomy picture is devided in number of rotating squares to be fit and complete the picture. The Moon Games include all applications about the natural satellites of the planets in the Solar system. The Space Craft Games include interesting information about the missions sent to the planets in the Solar system since 1960 to modern times. The Arcade Games usually involve playing with the keyboard, passing trough objects and controling space ships, while searching for astronomy knowledge. In the Maze Games, the player will search for a way in labyrinths to find the location of the astronomy knowledge. The Card Games will include basic card games with astronomy cards. With the Quest Games the player will colelct items and unlock astronomy knowledge. The Board Games will involve board and dices to play in astronomy background. With the Sim Games the player will run simulations about astromy ideas. The Astronomy Tests include questions and answers for evaluating pupils and students in astronomy classes. With the Picture Tests, there is a picture of the astronomy subjects and not only plain text. The rest two categories systematize the games by the grade studied at schools. They are Astronomy for 4th - 8th Grade and Astronomy for 9th grade and above, including astronomy for adults.

The Interactive Astronomical Observatory may be used for education, examination, references and recreation. All games can be played online in a web browser for free. They will run on medium class computers, tablet and laptops, with installed flash player. The collectible astronomy games (download versions), goes with build in player, but the levels are not saved in the website. Like all Planeta 42 knowledge level games, when completed, the astronomy games rewards +1 Knowledge Level. Learning satronomy by interaction is more fun than ever. Educational Multimedia Astronomy for kids and adults. Free to play and download without registration. Just fly by, play a litttle, and get smarter. Here is the blog with the Wonderful Collection of Astronomy Games.

All available astronomy games: Solar Puzzle | Galaxy Types | Planet Gravity Escape | Astronomy Topics Tree | Jupiter Moons | Saturn Ring | Uranus Moons | Neptune Moons | Mars Moons | Meet Pluto | Missions to Mars | Venus Missions | Mercury Craters | Star Types Puzzle | Curiosity Rover Puzzle | Opportunity Rover Puzzle | International Space Station Puzzle | Venus Surface Puzzle | Flocculent Galaxy Puzzle | Lonely Moon | Milky Way Maze | What Astronomy Include Test |

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