P42 Knowledge Levels

Mastering Planeta 42 Games, You increase in Knowledge Level.
When you complete any of Planeta 42 education games, your level will be increased with plus one.
The overall level include acquaintance in Knowledge, Science and Lore.

Levels are saved as cookies.
To work properly, the online games and the knowledge levels needs flash player installed. If there is a "0"(zero) near the "Level" under the header, everything's OK. Levels are saved as cookies, if they are disallowed, the browser reinstalled,or the computer changed, the Levels may be lost. But worry not, every time the Levels need rebuilding, it will be faster, because You will be smarter! Because of this technology, there is no registration required on Planeta 42, and yet the knowledge achievements can be saved.
The download versions of the games do nod need any installations and goes with embedded player.
They will increase the local Levels only, and not that on Planeta 42 website.

High Levels will unlock fun Ranks and hidden games.
Check level icon when level is increased. For every 5 levels, a fun game may be unlocked.
Check rank icon for achieved fun ranks. Ranks are badges given by Planeta 42 authority.

Planeta 42 Fun Knowledge Levels. Click "Ranks and Badges" to examine Your achievements and discover hidden games.

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Q: Why should I increase knowledge level?
A: You shouldn't.
Knowledge is like diamonds. It is important only to those, who value it, though they both have some applicable use. You can not eat the diamond, nor the knowledge. But they both may feed you, if there is someone else to value them. The difference is, that wide range of knowledge, may feed you, or make you content, even if there is no one else to value it.

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