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Light Bulb Parts Puzzle Power Units Game Power Comparison Game Power Plant Types Game Photovoltaic System structure Game
Light Bulb Puzzle
The incandescent light bulb structure in a fun game.
Power Units
Sort the units of power (Watts) by their equivalents.
Power Compare
Sort the objects by their correct power value in Watts.
Power Plants
Place the energy source in the power plant.
Sort the parts of the photovoltaic installation.
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Battery Types Game Energy Types Puzzle Conductor or Insulator Quiz Magnetic or Nonmagnetic Quiz  
Battery Types
Place the batteries in the correct device to power it.
Energy Types
20 sources of potential and kinetic forms of energy.
Conductor or Not
Select which object is a conductor and which an insulator.
Magnetic or Not
Select which objects are attracted by a magneto.
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Online Electricity Games Collection.

The physics electricity games are small flash games, up to 1 MB, which include useful information for basic electricity competence. Electricity and power games. Small fun puzzles for physics learning, suitable for online classes, school lessons and home education or recreation. Valuation system included. Additional applications for e-learning. Physics learning games about electricity. Online learning electricity games. Electricity Games - Interactive Physics Workshop. Additional fun applications for physics study. Fun Electricity Games Collection.

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Play Light Bulb Puzzle
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Electricity Games

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