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Cartridge Parts Puzzle Small Caliber Guns Puzzle Big Caliber Guns Puzzle Caliber Size Comparison Puzzle Tank Puzzle Game
Cartridge Puzzle
Assemble the parts of the firearm cartridge.
Small Caliber Guns
Load the ammunition in the correct small gun.
Big Caliber Guns
Load the
ammunition in the correct big gun.
Caliber Sizes
Arrange the cartridges on the correct calibers.
Tank Puzzle
Assemble a combat tank sorting the tank parts.
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Weapon Force Puzzle Play Dig for Medieval Weapons      
Weapon Forces
Fun puzzle about
the working principle of weapons.
Dig for Weapons
Search the battlefield for 11 medieval Weapons.
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Online Weapon Structure Games Collection.

This physics games collection includes interactive exercises about the function and structure of weapons and firearms related to the physics science. If you are fan of weaponsm we also recomend playing Jagged Alliance 2 old video game.

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Play Cartridge Parts Puzzle
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Weapon Games Explained by Physics

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