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Computer Topics Tree Mobile Generations Game File Structure and Types Emoji Typing Puzzle Popular Emails Puzzle
Computer Tree
What computers do? 18 fun topics about computers.
G1 to G4
Sort the device in
the correct mobile generation.
File Structure
Shoot the moving files with the right extension.
Emoji Typing
Place the emojis
on the correct keyboard symbols.
Emails Puzzle
Sort the e-mails on the correct internet address.
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Web Search Symbols Network Types Puzzle Units of Information Puzzle LAN Structure Puzzle Internet Structure Puzzle
Web Search
Sort the symbols in the correct search query.
Network Types
A puzzle game to
sort the networks by what they mean.
IT Measures
A colorful puzzle of basic units of data
or information.
LAN Puzzle
Parts of a Local Area Network in a fun online game.
Internet Puzzle
What is Internet consist of in a fun online game.
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Fun Online IT Games for 8 Grade Collection

The IT Eighth Grade games include all small flash applications - games, mosaics, tests and puzzles, from the Interactive Computer Tools, which may include useful and interesting knowledge, studied during the 8th grade school educational course in Informational Technology subject. Small fun educational applications about computers, internet, hardware and software. Interactive Online Classes. Interactive Computer Science Learning Tools for Eighth Grade fun classes. Fun Information Technology Games for 8 Grade Collection.

All IT Games for 8 grade (31):

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History of Computers Game History of Hard Disk Drives Storage Devices Connect Peripheral  
Computer History
Place the computer
in the correct
HDD Evolution
Sort the HDD types by year, speed and storage size.
Adept Computers
Storage devices and connecting mouse and keyboard.
Expert Computers
What if You need to connect your peripheral devices?
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Internet Structure Puzzle
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Information Technology for 8 grade

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