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HDD Parts Puzzle Computer Parts Puzzle Create a Website Modern Computer Case Puzzle Computer Mouse Types
HDD Parts
Assemble the hard disk drive parts. Interactive structure.
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. computer structure game.
Create a Website
6 Interactive basis steps to create own website.
Modern PC Case
Arrange 40 rotating squares puzzle of
modern PC case.
Mouse Types
Give every cat a mouse. Fun mosaic IT game.
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History of Hard Disk Drives Popular Programming Languages Game Dev Programs Puzzle Computer Plugs Puzzle IT Game HDD Puzzle
HDD Evolution
Sort the HDD types by year, speed and storage size.
Prog. Languages
18 most popular programming languages.
Game Dev Puzzle
Link the game with the correct program language.
Computer Plugs
Sort the plugin jacks on the correct computer devices.
HDD Puzzle
Sort the picture with the Hard Disc
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Fun Online Computer Technology Games Collection.

This category include all games, puzzles and mosaics, suitable to explore and study hardware, peripheral devices, structure and assembly parts of computers in a fun interactive way. They may be used for activities for computer technology students. Most of the games are related to a major computer class subject and may be played after lesson for fun and practice. Interactive ways to learn the hardware. Interactive Lerning Tools. Fun Computer Technology Games Collection.

All Computer Technology Games (33):

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Find the Hardware GPS Segments Puzzle Passwords Generator IT App Peripheral Devices Search Engines Match
Find the Hadware
Cross the main
board and collect
the hardware.
GPS Puzzle
Sort the segments of the GPS system in the diagram.
Press the button to generate an 8 digits password.
Master Computers
Do you know the computer parts - peripheral devices?
Search Engines
Match 12 most popular search engines
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Popular Emails Puzzle        
Emails Puzzle
Sort the e-mails on the correct internet address.
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HDD Parts Puzzle
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Computer Technology Games

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