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12 popular peripheral devices in a fun online memory cards game.

The Peripheral Devices Match is a free online knowledge level game, to study 12 Peripheral Devices. Minute to win it game with cards. A small Computer Technology Class game for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. Computer science learning game, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons.

This interactive lesson include the the following peripheral:
  • 1. TFT Monitor.
  • 2. CRT Monitor.
  • 3. Keyboard.
  • 4. Mouse.
  • 5. Joystick.
  • 6. Floppy disk drive.
  • 7. PC speakers.
  • 8. Microphone.
  • 9. Web camera.
  • 10. Flash drive.
  • 11. Printer.
  • 12. Scanner.
Peripheral Devices Match Picture

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How to play Peripheral Devices Match.

The game will generate 24 random cards with peripheral pevices, where every two cards are the same. Like all matching pairs games, you must open all two same cards one after another to win the game. If you open one peripheral card, try to open the same peripheral device as next card to clear the two cards from the table.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know 5 popular peripheral devices and get +1 Knowledge Level.

Peripheral Devices Match Screenshot

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Class subject: Peripheral Devices.

A peripheral device is a device used to put information into and get information out of the computer. Three categories of peripheral devices exist based on their relationship with the computer:
1). An input device sends data or instructions to the computer, such as a mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet, image scanner, barcode reader, game controller, light pen, light gun, microphone, digital camera, webcam, dance pad, and read-only memory);
2). An output device provides output from the computer, such as a computer monitor, projector, printer, and computer speaker);
3). An input/output device performs both input and output functions, such as a computer data storage device (including a disk drive, USB flash drive, memory card, and tape drive) and a touchscreen).

1. TFT Monitor - output device.

2. CRT Monitor - output device.

3. Keyboard - input device.

4. Mouse - input device.

5. Joystick - input device.

6. Floppy disk drive - input/output device.

7. PC speakers - output device.

8. Microphone - input device.

9. Web camera- input device.

10. Flash drive - input/output device.

11. Printer - output device.

12. Scanner - input device.

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Background picture by Lili.

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