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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the test and play offline.

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9th Grade Information Technology Test on Computer Navigation.

"Computer Navigation Test" is a free online knowledge level test for IT 9 grade, about the subjects of Computers, file system, file types and software programs. How to use a computer. A small 20 question interactive test for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be solved online in the web browser. The IT Knowledge Board include 20 fun questions with integrated evaluation system. The test is part of the Interactive Computer Tools educational games. It is cumulative with the Computer Navigation mosaic game.

This fun IT test may be used in:
  • 7 grade classes for evaluation or theoretical lessons.
  • 8 grade classes for evaluation or theoretical lessons.
  • 9 grade classes for evaluation or theoretical lessons.
  • 10 grade classes for evaluation or theoretical lessons.
Computer Navigation Test Picture

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How to play Computer Navigation Test.

Read carefully the question and select one of three answers. Every question has only one correct answer.

Knowledge Achievements:
Finishing 9 grade in Information Technology subject with a good mark.
Winning the game rewards +1 Knowledge Level.
The download version(bottom of the page) include an executable file for Windows OS with local levels only.

Computer Navigation Test Screenshot

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Application Content:

Here are all the questions in the test, without the answers:

1. Computer - select the true statements.
- An electronic device, processing information.
- An information device, processing electronics.
- An alien device, brought by extraterrestrials.

2. Operating System - select the true statement.
- An application software that manages video files.
- A free online application.
- A system software that manages computer hardware and software resources.

3. Disk - select the true statement.
- An electronic or magnetic device for physical storage of the information.
- An electronic device to store the temporal information used by computer.
- A peripheral device to print files and pictures.

4. Drive - select the true statements.
- The drive letter is the driving wheel of the computer.
- The drive letter is the logical device to store information.
- The drive letter is a logical device to play games.

5. Folder - select the true statement.
- Files contain folders.
- Folder contain files.
- Folders are a software.

6. File select the false statement.
- Files may be saved in folders.
- You can copy and paste files.
- Files are hardware.

7. Document - select the false statement.
- Documents are text files.
- Documents can be saved in folders.
- Documents can play movies.

8. Picture - select the false statement.
- Files can be pictures.
- Pictures can be modified with text redactor.
- Pictures can be files.

9. Movie - select the false statement.
- Movie files can be played by default.
- Movie files need additional software to be played.
- Movie files are different than picture files.

10. Sound - select the false statement.
- Sound files contain only sound.
- Sound files can be archived.
- Sound files can contain pictures.

11. Archive - select the false statement.
- Archive is a file.
- To archive files you need an additional software.
- The archive file can not contain movie and sound files.

12. Browser - select the false statement.
- The browser is a software program.
- A browser is needed to look in the internet.
- The browser protects from viruses.

13. Chat - select the false statement.
- There are more than one chat program.
- Skype is a chat program.
- Two and more people can chat using different chat programs.

14. Game - select the false statement.
- The game is a complicated software program.
- All games are free.
- Games are run from files.

15. Graphics - select the true statement.
- Graphic files are pictures.
- Graphic files can not be archived.
- Graphic files play sound.

16. Photos - select the true statement.
- Photos can not be saved on the computer.
- It is forbidden to sort photos in folders.
- Photos are saved as picture files.

17. Table - select the false statement.
- Tables can have more than 5 rows.
- Tables can not have only one column.
- Tables are useless.

18. Article - select the false statement.
- Articles can have text, pictures and diagrams.
- Articles can contain movie and sound files.
- Articles are created with the browser.

19. Diagram - select the false statement.
- Diagrams can be saved as pictures.
- Diagrams are only available in internet.
- Diagrams can be saved as Excel file.

20. Internet - select the true statement.
- The internet is as diverse, as the people connected.
- The internet is a shiny titanium box, kept in high security place in USA.
- The internet is a system device, installed on every computer.

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