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Computer Games Match Software Programs Match Peripheral Devices Match Smartphones Match Computer Components Match
PC Game Cards
Open two same cards with games one after another.
Software Cards
Know 12 useful software programs with card game.
Peripheral Cards
Memorize 12 peripheral devices
in matching pairs.
Card game to memorize and match smartphone types.
PC Components
Memorize 12 PC components to
match in pairs.
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Display Resolution Match Emoticons Match Search Engines Match    
Resolution Cards
Card game with standard display resolutions types.
Emoticons Match
Match two same emoticons one after another.
Search Engines
Match 12 most popular search engines
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Fun Online IT Card Games Collection.

The computer science card games are small flash applications, up to 2 MB, with the standard memory card game and subjects and pictures from the computer science. The SC card games may also be used to fill, help or implement lessons of Computer Science school subject. Interactive Computer Tools. Fun Computer Science Card Games Collection.

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Computer Games Match
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Computer Technology Card Games

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