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The IT Crowd Game Antivirus Programs Game HDD Parts Puzzle Popular Programming Languages Programming Base Tree
IT Crowd Game
Select one of 3 characters and fix
the computers.
Antivirus Software Defend the computer system from malwares.
HDD Parts
Assemble the hard disk drive parts. Interactive structure.
Prog. Languages
18 most popular programming languages.
Programming Tree
The basis of computer programming.
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Screen Resolution Puzzle 10 Fingers Typing Game Computer Components Match Display Resolution Match 50 Social Networks
Resolution Puzzle
Sort the resolutions on the correct aspect ratio vectors.
Touch Typing
Practice 10 fingers fast typing in QWERTY.
PC Components
Memorize 12 PC components to
match in pairs.
Resolution Cards
Card game with standard display resolutions types.
Social Networks
How I learned 50 famous social network websites.
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Fun Online IT Nerd Games Collection.

This collection include free online games for nerds and geeks. Computer science and computer technology games with specific digital knowledge for nerds. Small fun educational games to play when bored or hiding from people's drama.

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Computer Technology Nerd Games

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