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LAN Structure Puzzle Units of Information Puzzle Network Types Puzzle Internet Structure Puzzle HTML Tags Puzzle Informatics Game
LAN Puzzle
Parts of a Local Area Network in a fun online game.
Data Measures
A colorful puzzle of basic units of
or information.
Network Types
A puzzle game to
sort the networks by what they mean.
Internet Puzzle
What is Internet consist of in a fun online game.
HTML Tag Puzzle
Put the tags in the code to make a working program.
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File Structure and Types Fun Algorithm Diagram Computer Navigation Hotkeys Tree File Types Tree
File Structure
Shoot the moving files with the right extension.
Fun algorithm diagram and forms
in a puzzle.
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
Hotkeys Tree
18 useful hotkeys, everyone should know.
File Types Tree
What file extension means. Sort the puzzle by color.
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Fun Computer Science Online Games Collection.

This category include all games, puzzles and mosaics, suitable to explore and study computers, computer vocabulary, software, theoretical knowledge and activities for computers in a fun interactive way. They may be used for activities for computer science students. Most of the games are related to a major computer class subject and may be played after lesson for fun and practice. Interactive ways to learn the software. Interactive Lerning Tools. Fun Computer Science Games Collection.

All Computer Science Games (32):

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Web Traffic Sources Puzzle Keywords Worth Puzzle Computer Topics Tree    
Traffic Sources
Fill up the sources
of the 4 internet
traffic channels.
Keywords Worth
Sort the keywords
on the correct CPC value.
Computer Tree
What computers do? 18 fun topics about computers.
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Computer Science Games

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