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History of Hard Disk Drives HDD Parts Puzzle Computer Parts Puzzle LAN Structure Puzzle Computer Plugs Puzzle IT Game
HDD Evolution
Sort the HDD types by year, speed and storage size.
HDD Parts
Assemble the hard disk drive parts. Interactive structure.
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. Computer structure game.
LAN Puzzle
Parts of a Local Area Network in a fun online game.
Computer Plugs
Sort the plugin jacks on the correct computer devices.
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Find the Hardware Computer Components Match Computer Case Puzzle Connect Hardware Peripheral Devices Match
Find the Hadware
Cross the main
board and collect
the hardware.
PC Components
Memorize 12 PC components to
match in pairs.
Computer Case
Sort the 40 rotating squares puzzle of
PC tower case.
Expert Hardware
Every hardware is plugged in the
main board.
Peripheral Cards
Memorize 12 peripheral devices
in matching pairs.
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Fun Online Hardware Games Collection.

The computer hardware games are small flash applications, up to 2 MB, suitable for interactive learning of interesting and useful things about the computer parts, peripheral devices and networks. This category include all games, mosaics, puzzles, online test and interactive knowledge boards to understand what is hardware and how it is used. Interactive Computer Tools. Fun Hardware Games Collection.

All Hardware Games (25):

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RAM Puzzle HDD Puzzle Smartphones Match 8 Bit Computer Puzzle  
RAM Puzzle
Sort the picture with the Random-access memory.
HDD Puzzle
Sort the picture with the Hard Disc
Card game to memorize and match smartphone types.
8 Bit Puzzle
40 squares puzzle
of old 8 bit
computer case.
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HDD Puzzle
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Hardware Games

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