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Archives Puzzle 10 Fingers Typing Game Compression and Archives Game Popular Programming Languages Windows History
Archives Puzzle
Place the archive icon at the correct
file extension.
Touch Typing
Practice 10 fingers fast typing in QWERTY.
Sort the files in the correct place of the diagram.
Prog. Languages
18 most popular programming languages.
Windows History
How I learned Windows OS by years.
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Browsers Puzzle Software Programs Match Software Programs Fun Operating Systems Computer Navigation
Browsers Puzzle
Sort the browsers by their names and logos.
Software Cards
Know 12 useful software programs with card game.
Master Software
Do you know, what the software
is used for?
Fun OS
Move with arrow keys. Most popular operating systems.
PC Navigation
Computer environment. 20 fun computer topics.
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Fun Online Software Games Collection.

The computer software games are small flash applications, up to 2 MB, suitable for interactive learning of interesting and useful things about the computer programs, games, and program utilization. This category include all games, puzzles, mosaics, online test and interactive knowledge boards to understand what is software and how it is used. Interactive Computer Tools. Fun Software Games Collection.

All Software Games (32):

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Passwords Generator IT App Installing Games Game Dev Programs Puzzle Search Engines Match  
Press the button to generate an 8 digits password.
Installing Games
10 steps to install a game in correct order.
Game Dev Puzzle
Link the game with the correct program language.
Search Engines
Match 12 most popular search engines
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10 Fingers Typing Game
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Software Games

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