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Database Puzzle GPS Segments Puzzle Supercomputer Properties Supercomputer Applications Web Search Symbols
Database Puzzle
Place the database elements in the correct table.
GPS Puzzle
Sort the segments of the GPS system in the diagram.
Super PC Stats
Sort the properties of the supercomputers by color.
Super PC Usage
Sort the purpose of the supercomputers by color.
Web Search
Sort the symbols in the correct search query.
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Database Applications Game History of Computers Game Educational Websites Game Mobile Generations Game Top 9 Supercomputers
Database Usage
Arrange the application areas of databases by color.
Computer History
Place the computer
in the correct
Edu Websites
Put the educational site logo in the correct category.
G1 to G4
Sort the device in
the correct mobile generation.
Top 10 Super PC
Arrange the supercomputers by FLOPS speed.
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Fun Online Computer Technology Classroom Games Collection.

The computer classroom games are small flash applications, up to 2 MB, suitable for interactive practical occupations in computer technology classes. These online games are free and easy tool for learning and get familiar with the basis of information technology and computer science and may be used to fill, help or implement lessons of Computer Technology school subject. Interactive Computer Tools. Fun Information Technology Classroom Games Collection.

All IT Classroom Games (42):

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HDD Parts Puzzle History of Hard Disk Drives Computer Parts Puzzle LAN Structure Puzzle  
HDD Parts
Assemble the hard disk drive parts. Interactive structure.
HDD Evolution
Sort the HDD types by year, speed and storage size.
Computer Puzzle
Simple fun computer anatomy. Computer structure game.
LAN Puzzle
Parts of a Local Area Network in a fun online game.
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Web Search Symbols
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IT Classroom Games

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