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DNA Puzzle Body Cell Types Picture Chromosome Puzzle Educational Game Interactive Muscle Types Puzzle Interactive Muscle Groups Puzzle
DNA Puzzle
Sort the four bases Deoxyribonucleic acid strand.
Body Cell Types
Explore 10 basic types of cells and their body location.
Sort the parts of the chromosome structure.
Muscle Types
Sort the skeletal muscles on the muscle system.
Muscle Groups
Sort the muscles on the correct location in the human body.
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Biosphere Puzzle Biology Game Inheriting Hair Color Puzzle Educational Game Human Evolution Puzzle Interactive Eye Anatomy Frog Anatomy
Biosphere Puzzle
Complete the organization of living matter.
Hair Color Puzzle
Interactive genetic inheritance of hair colors.
Human Evolution
Sort the skulls in the timeline evolution diagram.
Eye Anatomy
Sort the parts of the eye structure diagram.
Frog Anatomy
Sort the organs of the frog in correct rectangles.
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Biology Online Games for Students Collection.

This collection include all biology learning games suitable for students and pupils in 9 grade and above. Interactive Biology for Students education. Fun Biology Games for Students Collection.

All biology games for students (28):

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Bones Puzzle picture Interactive Tooth Parts Cannabis Life Cycle Puzzle Interactive Brain Parts Interactive Cerebral Lobes
Bones Puzzle
Arrange the bones in the human body and the skull.
Tooth Structure
Sort the parts of the tooth in their correct places.
Cannabis Lifecycle
Sort the stages of cannabis plant life cycle in order.
Brain Puzzle
Sort the parts of the human brain in correct order.
Cerebral Lobes
Sort the lobes of the cerebral brain in correct order.
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Interactive Chloroplast Structure Human Life Cycle Puzzle Embryo Puzzle Organ Systems Puzzle Taxonomic Ranks Puzzle
Sort the parts of the chloroplast in correct positions.
Human Lifecycle
Sort the major stages of the human development.
Embryo Puzzle
Sort the stages of
the embryonic development.
Organ Systems
Place the organs and cells in their correct body system.
Taxonomic Ranks
Sort the ranks in the taxonomic systems of human and pea.
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Interactive Ear Anatomy Airborne Viruses Biology Tree Online Test Interactive Immune System Cell Puzzle Picture
Ear Anatomy
Sort the parts of the human ear on the diagram.
Virus Types
Sort the Airborne Viruses in their correct names.
Biology Test
18 questions online test with integrated valuation system.
Immune Cells
Sort the hierarchy of the cells of the immune system.
Cell Puzzle
Drag and drop the
cell organelles and complete 2 cells.
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Inheriting Eye Color Puzzle Educational Game Ancient Grain Puzzle Botany Game      
Eye Color Puzzle
Interactive genetic inheritance of eye colors.
Ancient Grains
Sort the ancient grains by country of origin.
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Biology Games for Students

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