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Ancient Grain Puzzle Botany Game Flower Structure Online Puzzle Multicellular Organisms Puzzle Taxonomic Ranks Puzzle Cannabis Life Cycle Puzzle
Ancient Grains
Sort the ancient grains by country of origin.
Flower Puzzle
Interactive flower structure and 9
flower parts.
Multicellular Org.
Study the levels of cell organisation in complex organisms.
Taxonomic Ranks
Sort the ranks in the taxonomic systems of human and pea.
Cannabis Lifecycle
Sort the stages of cannabis plant life cycle in order.
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Photosynthesis Puzzle Interactive Chloroplast Structure Crop Pests Pic Apples Pic Plant Community Maker
Sort the elements of the photosynthesis process.
Sort the parts of the chloroplast in correct positions.
The Garden
Find 10 harmul insects in the
Apples Varieties
Move the robot with the arrow keys and obtain 7 varieties...
Plant Community
Create a plant community of 12 different plants.
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Botany Online Games Collection.

This collection includes fun educational games about plants, flowers and flora. Play free online games about the botany world. Explore and study the plants with fun biology learning games. Interactive biology education. Fun Botany Games Collection.

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Taxonomic Tree of Life        
Tree of Life
Place the 3 main life domains in the tree
of life.
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Malva Puzzle Play World Cotton Production Online Play World Sugar Production Online Play World Tobacco Production Online World Flora Map Explorer Online
Malva Puzzle
Mosaic puzzle with
a Purple wild Malva flower.
Cotton Hunt
Find the regions, that produce the most cotton per year.
Sugar Hunt
Explore the regions, that produce the most sugar beet.
Tobacco Hunt
Interactive online
map of tobacco production.
World Flora Map
Interactive fauna map. Spread of
world wild plants.
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Flower Parts Puzzle
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Botany Games

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