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Planet Gravity Escape  Online Meet Pluto panel Star Types and Stellar volution Online Venus Missions Game Online Flocculent Galaxy Puzzle Online
Planet Gravity
Navigate the spaceship through the gravity pull.
Meet Pluto
Arrange Pluto and
its moons while
they move in orbits.
Star Types
Stellar evolution in
a fun online
astronomy game.
We on Venus
Launch 8 successful missions to Venus, with 10 rockets.
Spiral Galaxy
Square rotating puzzle with a type of spiral galaxy.
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Milky Way Maze Game    Asteroid Defense Game Craters Formation  Online Astronomers Puzzle  Online
Milky Way Maze Navigate with the mouse and reach
the Sun.
Future of Earth
Match the stage of the Sun with the Earth's surfase.
Asteroid Defense
Defend planet Earth from falling
Craters Formation
Place the crater forming stages in correct order.
Sort the astronomers by year and merit.
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Fun astronomy online games and tests for kids.

This category include all astronomy games, test and applications suitable for kids and pupils from 4th to 8th grade. They are small flash games, up to 1 MB, available online and for download. Useful in class, at school, at home. Astronomy 6th Grade Interactive Online Class. Fun Astronomy Games for Kids Collection.

All astronomy games for kids (22):

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James Webb Space Telescope Game        
James Webb
Sort 40 piece puzzle of James Webb space telescope.
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Opportunity Rover Puzzle
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Astronomy Games for Kids

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