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Solar System panel Galaxy Types Puzzle  Online Star Types and Stellar volution Online Constellations Puzzle  Online Uranus Moons  Online
Solar Puzzle
Drag and drop the
planets in the Solar System in places.
Galaxy Types
9 types of galaxies
in a small online puzzle game
Star Types
Stellar evolution in
a fun online
astronomy game.
Constell. Puzzle
Sort the position of the constellations on the star chart.
Uranus Moons
Complete the ring
of Uranus. Drag and drop moons.
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Astronomers Puzzle  Online Big Bang Puzzle  Online Craters Formation  Online Jupiter Moons panel Saturn Moons panel
Astronomers P.
Sort the astronomers by year and merit.
Big Bang Puzzle
Sort the stages
of the Universe
Craters Formation
Place the crater forming stages in correct order.
Jupiter Moons
Arrange the natural moons of Jupiter in correct order.
Saturn Moons
Build the ring of Saturn, placing its natural satellites.
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Astronomy Online Puzzles Collection.

The Astronomy puzzles are small flash applications, up to 1 MB, which include photos, collages and diagrams about the observable space, planets and celestial bodies. These diagrams are made like movable objects, which must be fit in their place. Colorful drag and drop puzzles. Interactive knowledge boards for astronomy. Beside exciting learning, most of the puzzles have counters to measure the moving tries, which may be used as evaluation in school and classes. The astronomy puzzles are an awesome way to study astronomy. With these free online games, the player may learn and study something interesting about the astronomical classifications, interesting subjects and topics. Fun puzzle games about astronomy, solar system, planets, universe, galaxies, astronomers and more. Free online puzzles to explore the space. Educational games with Drag and drop movable objects for interactive lessons and online classes in astronomy. Interactive online classes about general astronomy. Fun Astronomy Puzzles Collection.

All astronomy puzzles (12):

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James Webb Space Telescope Game        
James Webb
Sort 40 piece puzzle of James Webb space telescope.
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Galaxy Types Puzzle
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Astronomy Puzzles

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