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WW2 Key Dates Quiz The Seven Wonders of the World game pic Civilization Advances History Game Ancient Empires Rome and Egypt History Tree Puzzle game pic
WW2 Dates Quiz
Interactive map of World War 2 historical events.
Seven Wonders
Help the flying saucer to find 7 world wonders.
Human Progress
Competition in civilization eras key discoveries.
Ancient Empires
Sort the artifacts and architecture of Rome and Egypt.
History Tree
18 history subjects
to know about in a
fun learning game.
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American Civil War Sides History Learning Game The Greatest Wars Puzzle game pic Napoleonic Wars Game Ages of History Puzzle game pic Wild West Outlaws Game
US Civil War
Puzzle of the tates involved in the American Civil War.
Greatest Wars
10 greatest wars chronologically in a fun online game.
Napoleonic Wars
Pass through the territories of Napoleonic Wars.
Ages of History
Interactive time periods duration reference.
Wild West Gang
Cowboy shooting game with real Old West outlaws.
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Free online educational games about history.

History games to explore and study the past and civilization progress. More than 40 online games to learn history, related to different historical subjects, that may be used for fun, interactive education. The history knowledge games are small games, up to 1 MB, which include puzzles, racing games, arcades, quizzes and mosaic games for interesting places, structures and mouments made by the people during evolution, progress and civilization. A range of historical studies are made in a fun interactive way for learning and practice history knowledge. The history learning games are suitable tools for education, examination, references and recreation. Free online history classroom for kids and students. Fun history educational games, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Interactive astronomy lessons and science achievements.

Alexei Navalny Puzzle

All history games (51):

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P42 Civilization Monument.
Interactive History Studies.

P42 Interactive Civilization Monuments

The "Interactive Civilization Monuments" is a free educational website that can be used for examination, new knowledge, reference and entertainment in history classes. Each lesson is a small game and all games can be played online in a web browser for free and without registration. They work on mid-range computers, tablets and laptops, with installed flash player. Like all Planeta 42 games, when completed, the history games reward +1 Knowledge Level for every won game. The collectible history (download versions) goes with a built-in player, but the levels are not stored on the site, but on your computer. Free online games, tests and puzzles for general history online.

The history games are separated in 19 categories according to the game type, the knowledge field and the approximate grade of study. Every type is accessible from the category icons and they are as following:
  • History Puzzles - This collection includes all history games to sort, arrange and finish historical diagrams, data and pictures.
  • History Mosaics - This collection includes colorful online mosaic games for sorting pins in the sockets and learn history in a interactive way.
  • History Arcade Games - This collection includes all history games, which are played with the keyboard or require fast reaction.
  • History Competition Games - This collection includes all history games that have a time limit to be finished.
  • History Adventures - This collection includes all history games with adventure and quest elements. Short games with fun storyline, including historical places of interest, territories, wars, battles and mistery solving.
  • History Dressing Games - This collection includes all history learning games to drag and drop dresses and equipment on the body. Clothing games.
  • History Shooting Games - Collection of short games to practice shooting at targets and explore history knowlege.
  • Historiy Figures Games - This collection includes all history games about great people and person of interest. Play and learn important people through history with short fun online games
  • Tourism Games - Collection of games and puzzles about tourist places, virtual travelling and constructions of interes. Travel and tourism quizzes. Tourism classroom activities.
  • World Wonder Games - This collection includes all history games to explore and study amazing constructions, architecture and wonders of the ancient and modern world. History learning games about wondres of the world, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes.
  • History Tests - This collection includes online assessment history tests, as well as other tasks and quizzes, in which you need to choose a true item, a true picture, or a history-related action. Tests of 18 questions involving general knowledge of history. Historical riddles.
  • History Games for for kids - This collection includes all history games, suitable for kids 4 - 5 grade.
  • History Games for 6 Grade - This collection includes all history games, suitable for teens 6 - 8 grade.
  • History Games for students - This collection includes all history games, suitable for students.
  • Architecture Games - This collection includes all history games, which are related to ancient and modern architectures, buildings and constructions.
  • Ancient History Games - This collection includes all history games, which are related to the ancient history and civilizations exploration.
  • History Flag Games - This collection includes all games about the history of flags and banners. History learning flags games suitable for online lessons and interactive classes.
  • History Map Games - This collection includes all history games to explore historical battles and wars over a simple territory map.
  • History Card Games - This collection includes all history games played with cards.
  • History Maps Collection HD - This is a decent collection of high definition history map files from 1978, unfortunately on cyrillic language.
The Interactive Civilization Monuments website includes:
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  • Here is the blog with the Exciting Collection of History Games.
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Wild West Outlaws Game
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