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Ages of History Puzzle game pic Civilization Advances Panel Knight Armour Puzzle The Seven Wonders of the World game pic Napoleonic Uniform
Ages of History
Interactive time periods duration reference.
Human Progress
How I learned the Civilization Eras and key discoveries.
Knight Armour
Components of medieval armour. Dress the knight.
Seven Wonders
Help the flying saucer to find 7 world wonders.
Napoleon Uniform
Dress up the napoleonic soldier woman.
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Napoleonic Wars Game History of the United States Flag Founding Fathers of the United States Porcelain Tower of Nanjing Ancient Empires Rome and Egypt
Napoleonic Wars
Pass through the territories of Napoleomic Wars.
US Flag Game
Historical progression of the American flag.
Founding Fathers
Fun matching pairs card game with the founders of the US.
Porcelain Tower
5x8 pieces puzzle of the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing.
Ancient Empires
Sort the artifacts and architecture of Rome and Egypt.

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Fun online history games and puzzles for 6-8 grade.

This category include all games, suitable for big kids 6 - 8 grade. History learning games for 6-8 grade. Fun History Games Collection for Teens.

All history games for teens (16):

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Ages of History Puzzle
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History Games for 6 Grade

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