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Coins Catch Finances for Kids Financial Topics Tree Euro Puzzle US Dollar Puzzle
Coins Catch
Move the saving box and collect the
falling coins.
Finances for Kids
Financial discipline
Savings, Investing, Spending and Debt.
Financial Tree
What do finances study? Sort the
tree of knowledge.
Euro Puzzle
Sort out the EU euro banknotes square rotating picture.
Dollar Puzzle
Sort the US dollar banknotes rotating square picture.
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Bad Finances Game Good Finances Game Play Dig for Ancient Coins Lentil Coins Optical Illusion Math Money Game
Passives Game
Avoud loans, mortgages, debts and ignorance.
Actives Game
Get investments, savings, property
and knowledge.
Dig for Coins
Excavate 11 ancient coins by digging the ground.
Lentil Coins
Search for 15 hidden coins among the
lentil beans.
Math Money
What is the sum of the banknotes in the last line equations?
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Online Economic Games for Kids Collection.

This collection include all economic educational games suitable for kids and pupils in 3-8 grade. Interactive Economic Learning for Kids. Educational games for kids to study economics and finances. Fun Economic Games for Kids Collection.

All economic games for kids (10):

  • Economic Tree - Sort the economics properties on the tree of knowledge.
  • Coins Catch - Move with arrow keys and catch all US dollar coins.
  • Finances for Kids - Can you reach the last square with no debt and good income?
  • Dollar Puzzle - 40 pieces square rotating puzzle to reveal how the US dollar looks like.
  • Euro Puzzle - Sort the picture with 5, 10 and 20 euro bills for Europe Union.
  • Passives - Move with the mouse and avoid loans, mortgages, debts and ignorance, which represent undesirable personal finances, called Passives.
  • Actives - Move with the mouse and get investments, savings, property and knowledge, which represent desirable personal finances, called Actives.
  • Dig for Ancient Coins - Excavate the ruins for old coins.
  • Math Money - What is the sum of the banknotes in the last line of the system equations?
  • Lentil Coins Illusion - Search for 15 hidden coins among the lentil beans. Optical illusion game.
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Economic Games for Kids

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