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The Four Currencies Social Classes Puzzle Interest Rate Calculator Finances for Kids Maslow Pyramid
Four Currencies
Play the symbols of Euro, Dollar, Yen and Pound.
Social Classes
Drag and drop the jobs in the correct social class.
Interest Rate
Calculate interest rate online. Interest rate calculator.
Finances for Kids
Financial discipline
Savings, Investing, Spending and Debt.
Maslow Pyramid
What is needed to achieve the ultimate happiness...
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Minimum Salary 2020 Average Salary by Country 2020 Egg Price by Country 2021    
Minimum Salary
Sort the minimum salary by correct country.
Average Salary
Comparison of 10 countries by average wage.
Egg Price Puzzle
Sort the price of dozen eggs by country for 2021.
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Online Economic Classroom Games Collection.

This collection include fun games, suitable for interactive lesson and classroom exercises about economics and finances. Educational economics games to play in the classroom. Unblocked games. Interactive economics learning. Fun Economic Classroom Games Collection.

All classroom games (11):

  • The 4 Currencies - Know the symbols of the four most common currencies.
  • Social Classes Puzzle - Drag and drop the jobs in the correct social-economic class.
  • Economic Tree - Sort the economics properties on the tree of knowledge.
  • Finances for Kids - Can you reach the last square with no debt and good income?
  • Interest Rate Calculator - Calculate interest rate online. Virtual interest rate calculator.
  • Passives - Move with the mouse and avoid loans, mortgages, debts and ignorance, which represent undesirable personal finances, called Passives.
  • Actives - Move with the mouse and get investments, savings, property and knowledge, which represent desirable personal finances, called Actives.
  • Minimum Salary 2020 - Sort the minimum salary by correct country.
  • Average Salary 2020 - Interactive comparison of 10 countries by average wage.
  • Egg Price Puzzle 2021 - Sort the price of 12 eggs pasckage by country for 2021.
  • Maslow Pyramid - Study the hierarchy of the human need. What makes you happy?
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The 4 Currencies
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Economic Classroom Games

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