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US Dollar Puzzle Euro Puzzle British Pound Puzzle Japanese Yen Puzzle Chinese Yuan Puzzle
Dollar Puzzle
Sort the US dollar banknotes rotating square picture.
Euro Puzzle
Sort out the EU euro banknotes square rotating picture.
Pound Puzzle
Arrange the British pound banknotes square picture.
Yen Puzzle
Align the Japanese yen banknotes rotating pictures.
Yuan Puzzle
Sort out the Chinese yuan banknotes square picture.
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Russian Ruble Puzzle Bulgarian Lev Puzzle The Four Currencies Math Money Game  
Ruble Puzzle
Complete the Russian ruble banknotes picture.
Lev Puzzle
Sort the Bulgarian
lev banknotes rotating picture.
Four Currencies
Play the symbols of Euro, Dollar, Yen and Pound.
Math Money
What is the sum of the banknotes in the last line equations?
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Online Banknote Games Collection.

The banknote puzzles are small square rotating puzzles with 40 pieces including bills from various currencies to be revealed. Free online games to study the finances. Fun economics online puzzles about different currencies. Fun Banknote Puzzles Collection.

All banknote puzzles (7):

  • Dollar Puzzle - 40 pieces square rotating puzzle to reveal how the US dollar looks like.
  • Euro Puzzle - Sort the picture with 5, 10 and 20 euro bills for Europe Union.
  • Pound Puzzle - Arrange the squares to reveal how the Great Britain pound bill looks like.
  • Yen Puzzle - Rotate the sqares to complete 3 Japonese yen bills back and front.
  • Yuan Puzzle - 5x8 standard square rotating puzzle with the Chinese bills.
  • Ruble Puzzle - Sort the puzzle to reveal hou the Russian ruble looks like.
  • Lev Puzzle - Complete the picture to see how the BG lev looks like.
  • The 4 Currencies - Know the symbols of the four most common currencies.
  • Math Money - What is the sum of the banknotes in the last line of the system equations?
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Dollar Puzzle
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Banknote Puzzles

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