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Solar System panel
Jupiter Moons panel
Saturn Moons panel
Big Bang Puzzle  Online Star Types and Stellar volution Online
Interactive diagram of the Sol System.
Interactive diagram of Jupiter moons.
Interactive diagram of Saturn moons.
Interactive diagram of the Universe
Interactive star types.
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Body Cell Types Pic
Cell Puzzle Online Game Download Cell Puzzle Gamepic Play Cell Puzzle Screenshot
DNA Puzzle Cell Mitosis Online Puzzle Food Chain Puzzle
The cells in the human body.
Interactive cell structure.
Interactive DNA structure.
Interactive cell mitosis.
Interactive food chain.
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p42 biology Biology Knowledge Boards p42 biology
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Computer Parts Puzzle LAN Structure Puzzle HDD Parts Puzzle Units of Information Puzzle GPS Segments Puzzle
Interactive computer parts.
Interactive LAN structure.
Interactive hard disc parts.
The units of information.
Interactive diagram of the GPS.
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p42 computers IT Knowledge Boards p42 computers

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Periodic Puzzle Atom Puzzle Online States of Matter Puzzle Chemical Compounds Quiz Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
Interactive table
of the elements.
Interactive atom structure.
Interactive states
of matter.
Interactive chemical compounds.
Interactive alkali elements.
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p42 chemistry icon Chemistry Knowledge Boards p42 chemistry icon

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Ages of History Puzzle game pic Napoleonic Wars Game The Seven Wonders of the World game pic US Presidents Puzzle game pic Civilization Advances Game Preview
The ages of
Interactive Napoleonic wars.
Interactive world wonders.
The presidents of the United States.
Interactive human progress.
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p42 history icon History Knowledge Boards p42 history icon
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Multiplication Table Puzzle Game
Isometric Hunt game panel
Statistics Practice
Math Fruits Game Interactive Multiplication Table 6 Times
Interactive multiplication table.
Interactive geometric figures.
Interactive statistics.
algebraic systems.
Interactive 6 times table.
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p42 mathematics icon Mathematics Knowledge Boards p42 mathematics icon

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Europe Puzzle 2019
South America Puzzle
North America Puzzle
Africa Puzzle
Asia Puzzle
Interactive map
of Europe.
Interactive map
of S. America.
Interactive map
of N. America.
Interactive map
of Africa.
Interactive map
of Asia.
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p42 geography icon Geography Knowledge Boards p42 geography icon

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Simple Car Parts
Power Plant Types Game Photovoltaic System structure Game Bicycle Structure Puzzle Virtual Newton's Cradle
Interactive automobile structure.
Interactive power plant types.
Interactive photovoltaic structure.
Interactive bicycle structure.
Virtual Newton's Cradle.
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p42 physics icon Physics Knowledge Boards p42 physics icon
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Maslow Pyramid
Opposite Emotions Psychology Topics Tree Spatial Imaging Four Temperaments Quest
Interactive hierarchy of needs.
Interactive emotion types.
What psychology include.
Interactive mind training.
Interactive temperament types.
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p42 psychology icon Psychology Knowledge Boards p42 psychology icon
vree rree
Intelligence Test
Logic Tpics Tree Game Einstein's Riddle Tic Tac Toe Game Chess Pieces Puzzle Game
Interactive logic worksheet.
What logic
Interactive solving of zebra puzzle.
Tic Tac Toe practice.
The chess pieces legal moves.
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p42 logic icon Logic Knowledge Boards p42 logic icon

vames bames
The 7 Arts Puzzle Wind Instruments Puzzle String Instruments Puzzle Color Mixer Guitar Explorer 1
The seven traditional arts.
Interactive wind instrument types.
Interactive string instrument types.
Interactive color mixer.
Interactive guitar chords.
fames hames
p42 arts icon Arts Knowledge Boards p42 arts icon
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Financial Topics Tree Social Classes Puzzle Interest Rate Calculator The Four Currencies Finances game pic
What economics include.
Interactive social classes.
Interest rate calculator.
The four currencies.
Financial discipline practice.
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p42 economics icon Economics Knowledge Boards p42 economics icon
tames rames
English Tenses Puzzle English Alphabet Puzzle Spanish Alphabet Puzzle German Alphabet Puzzle Bulgarian Alphabet Puzzle
Interactive English tenses.
Interactive English alphabet.
Interactive Spanish alphabet.
Interactive German alphabet.
Interactive Cyrlic alphabet.
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p42 languages icon Language Knowledge Boards p42 languages icon
vree rree
Geologic Time Scale Puzzle Geologic Periods Puzzle Online Geochronological Units Puzzle Play Dig for Gemstones Play Dinosaur Skulls Puzzle
The geologic time scale.
Interactive geological periods.
The geo-cronological units.
Interactive gemstone types.
Interactive dinosaur types.
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p42 archeology icon Archeology Knowledge Boards p42 archeology icon
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Sports Puzzle Game Sport Types Tree Game World Championship 2018 Euro 2016 Electronic Sport Trophies Puzzle Game
Interactive sports equipment.
Interactive sports types.
Interactive sports brackets.
Interactive sports brackets.
Interactive electronic sports.
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p42 sports icon Sports Knowledge Boards p42 sports icon

Interactive Knowledge Boards. Short educational applications with interactive content, like games, puzzles and tests.

The interactive knowledge boards are designed to substitute the ordinary wall hanging knowledge boards and educational diagrams in the modern age. Explore and learn popular knowledge articles by interacting. Planeta 42 Interactive Knowledge Boards are short educational applications for desktop computers and laptops, which may be used for exciting and fun education, learning, examination, exercises, lessons and school classes. They may be used either for recreation and fun, or as learning tool, for any explorational matter. They are free to play and reward new Knowledge Level when completed. No registration required, everything is easy, quick on spot.

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