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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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40 brightest stars of constellations in a fun online astronomy learning game.

"Constellations Quiz" is a free online knowledge level game to select the correct constellation name by brightest star. Minute to win it game. Astronomy learning game, suitable for online classes and interactive lessons. Fun astronomy educational game to explore and study modern constellations. Part of the Interactive Astronomical Observatory educational tools.

This astronomy class game include the the following constellations name - brightest star:
  • Antlia - Alpha Antliae
  • Aquila - Altair
  • Auriga - Capella
  • Bootes - Arcturus
  • Caelum - Alpha Caeli
  • Canis Major - Sirius
  • Capricornus - Deneb
  • Carina - Canopus
  • Andromeda - Alpheratz
  • Cassiopeia - Schedar
  • Centaurus - Rigil
  • Cepheus - Alderamin
  • Columba - Phact
  • Corvus - Gienah
  • Crater - Delta Crateris
  • Cygnus - Deneb
  • Draco - Eltanin
  • Grus - Alnair
  • Hercules - Kornephoros
  • Hydra - Alphard
  • Leo - Regulus
  • Lepus - Arneb
  • Lynx - Alpha Lyncis
  • Lyra - Vega
  • Ophiuchus - Rasalhague
  • Orion - Rigel
  • Pavo - Peacock
  • Pegasus - Enif
  • Perseus - Mirfak
  • Phoenix - Ankaa
  • Puppis - Naos
  • Serpens - Unukalhai
  • Ursa Major - Alioth
  • Sagittarius - Kaus Australis
  • Scorpius - Antares
  • Vela - Gamma Velorum
  • Virgo - Spica
  • Volans - Beta Volantis
  • Taurus - Aldebaran
  • Sextans - Alpha Sextantis
Constellations Quiz Picture

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How to play Constellations Quiz.

You will see the picture of one of 88 modern constellations. Under it is the name of the brightest star of the constellation. And at the bottom, there are three constellation names. Choose the correct name to pass to the next constellation. The wrong choises will be removed of the game and add one wrong try point. Pass 40 constelllations to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know at least 5 constellations and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Hard.

Constellations Quiz Screenshot

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Class subject: Constellations.

In contemporary astronomy, the sky is divided into 88 regions called constellations, generally based on the asterisms of Greek and Roman mythology. The number of 88, along with the contemporary scientific notion of "constellation", was conventioned in 1922 by the International Astronomical Union in order to establish a universal pattern for professional astronomers, who defined constellations from then on as regions of the sky separated by arcs of right ascensions and declinations and grouped by asterisms of their historically most important stars, which cover the entire celestial sphere. The constellations along the ecliptic are called the zodiac. The ancient Sumerians, and later the Greeks (as recorded by Ptolemy), established most of the northern constellations in international use today. When explorers mapped the stars of the southern skies, European and American astronomers proposed new constellations for that region, as well as ones to fill gaps between the traditional constellations. This quiz focus on 40 of 88 modern constellations, where there is a good and free photo of those constellations for this fun educational game.

This fun educatioanl game may answer the following questuions:
  • What is the brightest star of Pegasus constellation?
  • How does Orion constellation look like?
  • What is the brightest star of Cassiopeia constellation?
  • How does Hercules constellation look like?
  • What is the brightest star of Phoenix constellation?
  • How does Centaurus constellation look like?
  • What is the brightest star of Hydra constellation?
  • How does Ursa Major constellation look like?

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