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Play Venus Space Missions Online

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To play online press the screenshot above and then the start button.
Or you can download the game and play offline.

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Send 14 missions to Venus.

"Venus Space Missions Game" is a free online knowledge level game, used to explore and study the spacecraft Missions to Venus. It is a historical record of space crafts sent to Venus on different missions. Short flash game for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, which may be played in the web browser. The Astronomy Knowledge Board include 14 clickable pictures of human designed ships to play with. Part of the Interactive Astronomy Observatory educational tools.

This fun educational class may answer some of the following questions:
  • What missions have been launched to Venus?
  • Which is the first Venus exploration mission?
  • Which are Venus successful missions?
  • Is there operational missions on Venus now?
  • How many nations have launched a mission to Venus?
  • Which is the first successful spacecraft land on Venus?
Venus Space Missions

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How to play Venus Space Missions Game.

There are 14 spacecrafts ready to be launched on the left. Click one of these 14 missions, to load the rocket with the spacecraft, and launch it. The rocket will fly to Venus and show if the missions is successful or not. There are only 10 rockets available, use them wisely. Every launched mission will appear on the right panel with more info about its fate, when rolling over it.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the nations who are exploring venus.
Difficulty: Easy.
Winning the game rewards +1 Knowledge Level on Planeta 42.

Venus Missions Game

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Application Content:

This small test game include most of the missions sent to Venus between 1960 to 2010. As Venus is too hostile in environment, most of the nations have lost interest in it. The last mission is launched during 2010 by Japan. Here are the spacecrafts included in the game:

1. IKAROS - Japan - Flyby 20 May 2010

2. Akatsuki - Japan - Orbiter 20 May 2010

3. Venus Express - Europe - Orbiter 9 November 2005

4. Magellan - USA - Orbiter 4 May 1989

5. Vega 2 - USSR - Flyby/Atmospheric/Lander 21 December 1984

6. Venera 14 - USSR - Flyby/Lander 4 November 1981

7. Pioneer Venus 1 - USA - Orbiter 20 May 1978

8. Venera 11 - USSR - Flyby/Lander 9 September 1978

9. Venera 10 - USSR - Orbiter/Lander 14 June 1975

10. Kosmos 167 - USSR - Lander 22 August 1970

11. Zond 1 - USSR - Flyby/Lander 2 April 1964

12. Mariner 2 - USA - Flyby 27 August 1962

13. Venera 1 - USSR - Impactor 12 February 1961

14. Mariner 10 - USA - Flyby 3 November 1973

The spacecraft pictures included in the game:

Venus Exp.
Vega 2
Kosmos 167
Pioneer V1
Venera 11
Magellan png
Akatsuki png
Venus Express png
Vega 2 png
Kosmos 167 png
Pioneer Venus 1 png
Venera 11 png

Pictures and references from Wikipedia.

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