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Interactive Units of Liquid Volume.

"Liquid Volume Units" is a small knowledge level game to sort the units of liquid volume (liter) by their equivalents. Physics exercise to explore and study the order of liquid volume magnitude and liquid volume measure scale. Fun educational game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Free online game for physics homework. Online physics educational game. Fun physics puzzle.

This physics class game include the following unit equivalents:
  • Nanoliter (nL)
  • 1 Microliter (µL) = 1000 Nanoliters (nL)
  • 1 Milliliter (mL) = 1000 Microliters (µL)
  • 1 Centiliter (cL) = 10 Milliliters (mL)
  • 1 Deciliter (dL) = 10 Centiliters (cL)
  • 1 Litre (L) = 10 Deciliters (dL)
  • 1 Decaliter (daL) = 10 Litres (L)
  • 1 Hectoliter (hL)= 10 Decaliters (daL)
  • 1 Kiloliter (kL) = 10 Hectoliters (hL)
  • 1 Megaliter (ML) = 1000 Kiloliter (kL)
Interactive Units of Volume Game

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How to play Liquid Volume Units Puzzle.

There are 9 base units of volume, marked by the multiples liquid volume symbol, situated on the left side of the screen. Drag and drop them in their correct equivalent value in the order of magnitude liquid volume scale to the right of the screen. Arrange all 9 units of liquid volume to win the game.

Knowledge Achievements:
Know the liter equivalents and get +1 Knowledge Level.
Difficulty: Medium.

Interactive Units of Liquid Volume Quiz

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Class subject: Liquid Volume Unit.

The litre (British English spelling) or liter (American English spelling), marked with symbols L and l, is a metric unit of volume. It is equal to 1 cubic decimetre (dm^3), 1000 cubic centimetres (cm^3) or 0.001 cubic metre (m^3). A cubic decimetre (or litre) occupies a volume of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and is thus equal to one-thousandth of a cubic metre.

One litre of liquid water has a mass of almost exactly one kilogram, because the kilogram was originally defined in 1795 as the mass of one cubic decimetre of water at the temperature of melting ice (0 degree celsius).

This fun physics game may answer the following questions:
  • What is smaller magnitudes of liter?
  • What is bigger magnitudes of liter?
  • What is the ascending order of the liquid volume units?
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